Stay Grounded with Raj Jana

Stay Grounded with Raj Jana is a weekly show that interviews ordinary humans doing the inner work to audaciously connect with the truth of who they are.

Our brilliant guests showcase the unlimited paths to authenticity, self-love, and wholeness. We've interviewed everyone from NYT bestselling authors to serial entrepreneurs, healers, activists, poets, mental health experts, mystics, musicians, ex-convicts, monks, extreme athletes, and more. Despite the vast spectrum of stories, there's a thread that connects every single guest -- their willingness to open their hearts, get vulnerable, and share their perspectives, inner journeys, and lived experiences in a way that inspires a pathway for listeners to reconnect with the light that has always existed within them.

This show is your weekly reminder that your life CAN change. You don't have to stay stuck with outdated ways of being, patterns that no longer serve, or stories about yourself that dim your light. Instead, there are practical steps you can take to reconnect with the most conscious, loving, FREE version of yourself -- and live a life filled with unbridled creativity, fulfilling relationships, and moments that wake you up to the beauty of life.

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