The O Line Mysteries


The O Line Mysteries

Season 1, Ep. 6

Reboot of 2008 (pre-digital age) O Line Mysteries Podcast. Sitcom with 46 episodes from Billibatt Productions. #Comedy, #Mystery, #podcast, #women podcasts

**Special Note about this episode: When we made this episode in 2008, Amy Winehouse was alive and kicking. May she rest in peace.

Annie hasn’t slept in two weeks. She truly believes an Amy Winehouse ghost like figure is haunting her home. Over lunch she divulges her haunting story to Lorna and convinces her to stay up late with her to witness the haunting. That night Lorna witness the haunting herself, she doesn’t believe it, but she does see it and confirms Annie’s worst nightmare, that Amy Winehouse is haunting her.  The next day the two visit a “medium” and for a price are able to get the medium to perform a seance at the house that night. Without finding out if the seance took or not Lorna gives Annie the bum rush out of the house to Sally and Lorna’s home in hopes of Annie getting some undisturbed sleep. The next day Lorna meets up with a real estate agent who is showing her the new homes on the market when they pull up to an empty home on the same street that Annie lives on. The agent tells her the story of the craftsman bungalow styled home and that it is very possible there was a murder in the 1920’s as the occupants went missing and were never heard from again. Although she is delighted with the home she’s not sure whether or not to confirm Annie’s haunting or keep mum and get a good price on the home.

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