The O Line Mysteries


The O Line Mysteries

Season 1, Ep. 5

Reboot of 2008 (pre-digital age) O Line Mysteries Podcast. Sitcom with 46 episodes from Billibatt Productions. #Comedy, #Mystery, #podcast, #women podcasts

After Lorna hears the hate and fear rhetoric that is labeled as a news program on the islands cable access show she decides to find out more about the shows star producer. When the producer appears to have no history, at least that she can find on the internet, she enlists Annie’s cyberstalking abilities and when that doesn’t work she and Annie turn to a local lovable gossip monger. After they learn what they now believe to be the truth of the producers personal life and his history Lorna writes an article that is completely rejected by a mysterious man with federal credentials who tells the real truth about the man behind the rhetoric.

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Brought to you by Billibatt Prodcuctions (Arc of Joan, Her-man-ists)

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