The O Line Mysteries


The O Line Mysteries

Season 1, Ep. 8

Reboot of 2008 (pre-digital age) O Line Mysteries Podcast Sitcom with 46 episodes from Billibatt Productions. #Comedy, #Mystery, #podcast, #women podcasts

Despite the inherent double digit germ factor and general disgust of belonging to a gym Lorna and Sally have a membership to the islands public gym. After their pals Derek and Kevin go along on guest passes to their island gym with them they begin getting blackmail letters. Unsure of any correlation to the gym visit and the blackmailing the group next visits a new gym opening up on the west side of the island only to find the same trainer from the old gym avoiding them.  When Lorna returns to her gym for a swim she overhears the trainers talking about the rash of blackmailing activities related to the gym she jumps from the water and into the fray.

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Brought to you by Billibatt Prodcuctions (Arc of Joan, Her-man-ists)

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