The O Line Mysteries


The O Line Mysteries

Season 1, Ep. 3

Reboot of 2008 (pre-digital age) O Line Mysteries Podcast. Audio Sitcom with 46 episodes from Billibatt Productions. #Comedy, #Mystery, #podcast, #women podcasts

Lorna and Sally enjoy their Sunday morning sitting in a second floor cafe above a garden center, “where the air is cleaner and sweeter.” Sally sees another couple that she seems to always run into during her errands around the island. Upon inviting them for coffee with them Sally discovers she has a kindred garden buddy in the husband who invites them to look at his garden. While visiting her garden buddies plot of beans and tomatoes he is shot in front of her. That’ s when she and Lorna meet another island detective, Detective Holloway, who could be the laziest man Lorna has ever met.  When Lorna brings over food to the widow, she is confronted by the truth of why Sally’s garden buddy was murdered. But the real question is can she do the footwork for Detective Holloway to catch the killer.

Brought to you by Billibatt Prodcuctions (Arc of Joan, Her-man-ists)

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