The O Line Mysteries

The 46 episode reboot of Billibatt Productions 2008 podcast serial.

“Plopped down in the middle of the San Francisco Bay sits Ohlone Island, with its quiet streets, Victorian homes, and well behaved Palm Trees – a positively idyllic setting teeming with mystery.”

Lorna Tollison, a recent addition to the island from the East Coast, is a writer for the internet with A LOT of time on her hands. Her unruly curiosity about Ohlone Island’s insular society and its locals pulls her into the absurd and seedy underbelly of this quaint island city.

Each week finds Lorna and her friends deep into a mystery that boils up into a smoldering confrontation pie with the local inhabitants.

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Saylor Billings

Saylor Billings is a writer, actor, producer, and director helping deliver productions for Comedy Central, HBO and NBC.  Beginning her professional career in New York City as the production manager for PSNBC at HERE Arts Center in Soho. After relocating to the Island City of Alameda outside San Francisco, she produced a documentary for the cable provider based on and starring Phyllis Diller, which now runs in the island’s history museum.  She began writing The O Line Mysteries in July of 2008 as a writing exercise before she realized it would make a viable podcast.