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The Future of Fashion Technology: Tik-Tok, virtual fashion shows & live-selling w/ Coy Griffin, founder of Y.O.C

Season 2, Ep. 11

In this episode of The FIT, we go back to the future with Coy Griffin, fashion technology expert, author of 'Leveraging Tech' and founder of Your Own Creativity, a consulting company that explores the latest tech trends in the fashion industry and teaches fashion brands how to leverage tech to grow their business.

Join us as we discuss exciting developments in the fashion-tech world over the past year and also look to the future; what does the future of fashion technology look like now?

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  • 14. The Season Finale Instagram Live Q&A: Launch Day, Milestones & What's Next!

    We can't believe we've reached the end of Season 2! We've had an amazing run this season, starting in the second half of a pandemic and finishing just as outside opens up. It's been such a great few months with our guests from all over the industry, from digital models all the way to swapping clothes, we hope you've learnt so much about what the future of fashion looks like.We hosted an Instagram Live to talk all about our launch day, how we're feeling and what to expect next! As always join the conversation using the hashtag #TheFITPodcast and we'll see you in Season 3!
  • 13. Let's Rewind: Co-Founding a Tech Company as Black female founders in London

    On today's episode of The FIT, we are going back to this time last year on International Women's Day, as we, as founders of efitter, discuss partnerships, the female founder climate in London, and what co-founding a tech company means to us. Enjoy this throwback and stay tuned as we announce some exciting news! Have you joined our waitlist yet? Head over to to be the first in line to shop with efitter! We can't wait for you to join the tribe.
  • 12. One Stitch at a Time: Mending Fashion and Feminism w/ Josephine Philips, founder of Sojo App

    We're back with our last guest feature of the season and some exciting news! Josephine Philips is the founder of Sojo, 'the Deliveroo of clothing alterations & repairs', an app and pick-up/delivery service that connects customers to local Seamster businesses so that people could get their clothes altered or repaired with a few simple clicks! Josephine built Sojo from a place of personal frustration surrounding an oppressive fast-fashion system and her inability to sew. She was continuously falling in love with second-hand clothes that weren’t her size, but without having a convenient way to get them altered, she created Sojo to simplify the process. By promoting a circular model, she hopes that it will help people in their quest for a sustainable wardrobe. Join us as we speak with Josephine about her entrepreneurial journey, building a startup in lockdown, feminism & fast fashion, and what the future holds for Sojo!To learn more about Josephine and Sojo, make sure you're following them on Instagram and check out their website! always, to join the conversation use the hashtag #TheFITPodcast and join the tribe over on Instagram and Twitter @efitterapp
  • 10. "I have like nothing to wear" How to shop your wardrobe digitally w/ Bianca Rangecroft, founder of Whering

    This week we're joined by Bianca Rangecroft, founder of Whering, the Clueless inspired wardrobe app encouraging conscious consumers to utilise their spending power for good and make the most of what they already own by digitalising their wardrobes. Bianca built this app from her own personal frustrations as a conscious consumer: most of us feel like we have so many clothes and that we don't need anymore, but how can we really make the most of what we already own? Tune into this episode to find out how you can shop your wardrobe in one app, discover your style identity, and become a conscious consumer from the comfort of your own home. More info on Whering here: Whering on Instagram:'t forget our merch is available to shop at !Join the conversation using the hashtag #thefitpodcast
  • 9. Launching Our Sizing Solution: poor fit woes & changing habits w/ our #efittertribe

    Welcome back to a very special episode of #TheFITPodcast! Over the weekend, we hosted our first-ever Zoom party to exclusively launch our product with our V.I.P's. It was definitely a night for the books- we ate, drank & spoke about our individual experiences when it came to shopping online and poor fit. We also gave them a short demo of the product and we were blown away with their feedback!To join the conversation, as always, use the hashtag #TheFITPod #TheFITPodcast. FAQ: How do I become a VIP? To become an official VIP of the #efittertribe, you can continue to engage with us on socials; follow, retweet, like, comment, save & share our content! We notice everyone and are always looking for new people to join us. You can also make things official by buying our merch and joining the tribe! Merch is available at with 10% off when you sign up to our mailing list!
  • 8. What Goes Around Comes Around: The Circular Economy & Community w/ Beth, Founder of Carma Clothing

    On the first episode of 2021, we talk all things circular economy with Beth, founder of growing community, Carma Clothing. Carma is on a mission to change the way we think about our clothes, so we can feel better wearing them.Carma started out of the frustration of the feeling of having nothing to wear, whilst having a wardrobe full of clothes. Beth quickly figured out that this was a problem many of us have. "We buy too much, clear out way too little and very rarely use all of the items we have."If you've decluttered your wardrobe as part of your New Year's Resolution, then this episode is for you! There are several ways to make sure your clothes end up being re-loved, especially if you hardly wore them. To find out more about Carma, follow them on Instagram or visit their website join the conversation, follow us on Instagram/Twitter @efitterapp and use the hashtag #TheFITPodcast #TheFITPod!
  • 7. Our 2020 Round-Up of Fashion & Pop Culture

    Wow, what a year it has been! Join us on our last episode of 2020 as we rewind back to January and reflect on the pivotal moments 2020 has given us in the world of fashion & pop-culture! We keep it real, candid (as ever) and as optimistic as possible- no tiers allowed!Make sure to join the conversation using the hashtag #TheFITPod #TheFITPodcast
  • 6. Conscious Consumer Activism w/ Swatee & Devi, co-founders of Remember Who Made Them

    On this episode of The FIT Podcast, we speak with Swatee Deepak and Devi Leiper O'Malley, co-founders of Remember Who Made Them about consumer activism in the fashion industry. Remember Who Made Them is a six-part podcast series, digital campaign, and fundraiser that aims to help energise a new solidarity economy in fashion. This episode kickstarts our week-long campaign in honour of #InternationalHumanSolidarityDay to raise awareness for garment workers in the Global South and around the world, tell their stories, and help our community do their part to amplify their voices.GuestsSwatee works with private and public foundations in strategy development and design works with individuals and families on their wealth redistribution strategies, and oversees a portfolio of businesses and start-ups across sustainable fashion, music, events, and the arts. Swatee has significant experience in supporting movements, starting and leading organisations through growth and transitions across feminist philanthropy investments, human rights-based development agencies, socially-minded businesses and the arts. She was previously Director of With and For Girls and The Stars Foundation and is a Board member of EMpower - The Emerging Markets Foundation and the Global Fund for Children. She is Indian and British and draws strength from bridging and convening for collaborative action across all she does to work for a world of justice and liberation for everyone.Devi works in social justice and philanthropy, supporting funders and feminists to redistribute resources. She has over a decade of experience working with women’s funds: she previously was Co-Executive Director of FRIDA | The Young Feminist Fund and currently is a Board Member of Urgent Action Fund Asia and Pacific. In addition to supporting strategy and program design, she is exploring more work on narrative shifts and cultural changes for feminist movements and philanthropy. She is Cambodian and US-American, and an aspiring artist!Doing your partTo join forces with the Remember Who Made Them campaign, follow them on Instagram or Twitter Alternatively, you can donate directly to garment workers through their fundraiser To learn more visit their website join this conversation, use the hashtags #thefitpodcast #fashiontech