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One Stitch at a Time: Mending Fashion and Feminism w/ Josephine Philips, founder of Sojo App

Season 2, Ep. 12

We're back with our last guest feature of the season and some exciting news!

Josephine Philips is the founder of Sojo, 'the Deliveroo of clothing alterations & repairs', an app and pick-up/delivery service that connects customers to local Seamster businesses so that people could get their clothes altered or repaired with a few simple clicks! Josephine built Sojo from a place of personal frustration surrounding an oppressive fast-fashion system and her inability to sew. She was continuously falling in love with second-hand clothes that weren’t her size, but without having a convenient way to get them altered, she created Sojo to simplify the process. By promoting a circular model, she hopes that it will help people in their quest for a sustainable wardrobe.

Join us as we speak with Josephine about her entrepreneurial journey, building a startup in lockdown, feminism & fast fashion, and what the future holds for Sojo!

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