The Chronically Courageous with Bonni Howard


Transforming Trauma into Triumph with Cathleen Elle

Season 2, Ep. 26

This week Bonni has an inspiring and heartwarming conversation with international best selling author, Cathleen Elle.  Cathleen vulnerably shares the tragic story of losing her teenage son to suicide and how she managed find a greater sense of purpose through this tragedy. This is a story that will simultaneously break and warm your heart. 

Although the cause of Cathleen’s trauma may be different than that of chronic illness survivors, she shares a universal wisdom for trauma and grief healing.  Please listen through to the end of the episode to find out how you can become eligible to receive a signed copy of Cathleen’s newly released best selling book, “Shattered Together”. 

Some things that you’ll learn:

  • About Cathleen (1:24)
  • One of the healing modalities that was very helpful to Cathleen (7:47)
  • Cathleen’s story of how she arrived where she is today (8:54)
  • The “grief prescription” (14:07)
  • The connection between physical and emotional pain (18:07)
  • Cathleen’s experience with Ayahuasca (34:34)
  • Jack Canfield’s success formula that puts you in control of your own destiny (53:09)

Some questions Bonni asks Cathleen:

  • Can you share the statistic we discussed about illness? (3:58) 
  • How did you get from being shattered to where you are today? (13:09)
  • Can you talk about how you feel Logan around you? (19:26)
  • How would you advise people who are dealing with shame to heal it? (28:35)
  • If people in the chronic illness community are thinking of buying your book, what would they get out of it? (33:01)
  • Can you talk about some of your daily practices to cultivate self love and empowerment? (40:16)
  • For you, what does courage mean? (58:36)

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