The Chronically Courageous with Bonni Howard


Life Changing Lessons from the Past Year

Season 2, Ep. 49

This week Bonni celebrates one year of podcasting with a look back at the most life changing lessons of the past year. Listen to hear some of the most profound teachings from the last year of The Chronically Courageous podcast. 

Things You’ll Hear About in this Episode: 

  • The ways that Bonni’s life has changed because of everything she’s learned through the podcast 
  • The correlation between chronic illness and certain common qualities that people with chronic illness possess (6:52)
  • Yvette McCue’s advice that she would give herself younger self (7:52)
  • The link between trauma and chronic illness (9:41)
  • Cathleen Elle shares statistics and correlations between chronic illness and emotional issues (10:13)
  • The importance of releasing emotions (12:09)
  • Snead Cracknell shares about her experience with trauma and physical illness (12:52)
  • The ways that neuroplasticity can impact our healing ()4:32)
  • Rachel Barber’s thoughts on the power of brain rewiring (15:05)
  • The role that removing toxicity plays in our lives discussed by Dr Avanti Kumar-Singh (20:39)
  • How life can change when we change our perspective discussed with Sidney DeCamilla  (29:06)
  • The things we can accomplish when we take our power back discussed with Christina Rice (34:00)
  • How all we can do is our best and that is enough discussed Lara Bloom, CEO of The Ehlers Danlos Society. (41:15)

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