The Chronically Courageous with Bonni Howard


How He Defied His Prognosis & Rewrote His Story with Paul Forchione

Season 2, Ep. 44
As an infant, Paul was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, a medical condition that causes paralysis of one side of the body. His mother was told he would be bound to a wheelchair for the rest of his life, but she refused to accept that prognosis and made it her mission to find a specialist that was willing to help.After many grueling years of intense physical therapy and a life changing surgery Paul not only learned to walk, but went on to play varsity level baseball in high school. Despite all of the challenges put before him, he had the perseverance and mindset to overcome it all.Today Paul is a successful life coach and he teaches others to rewrite their stories, just as he did, so that they can live their best lives.Some things you’ll learn:About Paul (1:11)About Cerebral Palsy (2:25)Some questions Bonni asks Paul:Did you ever hit a wall where you wanted to give up? (21:15)How did you motivate yourself to get through the challenging times and go on to play varsity baseball? (23:43)What do you do to keep yourself in a positive space each day? (26:35)For people who are convinced that there’s no way they can get past their diagnosis, what would you tell them? (28:28)What tools can people implement now to take their lives in a better direction? (29:29)If you could go back and make your life easier would you? (32:15)How do you define courage? (34:43)Connect with Paul:WebsiteActions and Limits PodcastFacebookInstagramConnect with Bonni:InstagramFacebookEmail

Making Miracles a Reality with Fusun Rynart (Part 2 of 2)

Season 2, Ep. 42
In part two of this two part episode, Fusun Rynart shares the story of her daughter’s tragic motorcycle accident and how she helped her to get to the other side of it. Bonni and Fusun also discuss the power of gratitude and how the energy we surround ourselves with directly and profoundly impacts our lives. They also discuss the various ways in which we can sabotage our physical and mental health with the personas that we embody, such as people pleaser, control freak, and more.Fusuan, founder of Life Healing Academy, is an expert in emotional healing with 14 years of experience and proven success stories. She is a Licensed NLP Master, a workshop Content Creator and Motivational Speaker. Over the years, she has been trained by world famous mentors like Dr Richard Bandler, Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Robin Sharma, Byron Katie, Gregg Braden, and Dr Eric Pearl.Some things you’ll learn:How Bonni became a top 5% podcaster and how you can too (1:10)The type of person Bonni is (5:18)How energy of people and environments can affect us (5:44)About the various saboteurs that people can embody (10:11)The story of how Fusun’s daughter recovered from a serious motorcycle accident with her help. (20:55)Some questions Bonni asks Fusun:What tools can you offer to my audience to increase their well being? (13:35)If people find themselves triggered what can they do to get themselves out of that? (20:18)How do you define courage? (36:45)Connect with Fusun:WebsiteInstagramFacebook***Register for the Free Podcast Accelerator Master Class***Connect with Bonni:InstagramFacebookEmail