The Chronically Courageous with Bonni Howard


Making Miracles a Reality with Fusun Rynart (Part 2 of 2)

Season 2, Ep. 42
In part two of this two part episode, Fusun Rynart shares the story of her daughter’s tragic motorcycle accident and how she helped her to get to the other side of it. Bonni and Fusun also discuss the power of gratitude and how the energy we surround ourselves with directly and profoundly impacts our lives. They also discuss the various ways in which we can sabotage our physical and mental health with the personas that we embody, such as people pleaser, control freak, and more.Fusuan, founder of Life Healing Academy, is an expert in emotional healing with 14 years of experience and proven success stories. She is a Licensed NLP Master, a workshop Content Creator and Motivational Speaker. Over the years, she has been trained by world famous mentors like Dr Richard Bandler, Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Robin Sharma, Byron Katie, Gregg Braden, and Dr Eric Pearl.Some things you’ll learn:How Bonni became a top 5% podcaster and how you can too (1:10)The type of person Bonni is (5:18)How energy of people and environments can affect us (5:44)About the various saboteurs that people can embody (10:11)The story of how Fusun’s daughter recovered from a serious motorcycle accident with her help. (20:55)Some questions Bonni asks Fusun:What tools can you offer to my audience to increase their well being? (13:35)If people find themselves triggered what can they do to get themselves out of that? (20:18)How do you define courage? (36:45)Connect with Fusun:WebsiteInstagramFacebook***Register for the Free Podcast Accelerator Master Class***Connect with Bonni:InstagramFacebookEmail

Making Miracles a Reality with Fusun Rynart

Season 2, Ep. 41
Founder of Life Healing Academy, Fusun left a successful corporate sales career of over 20 years to dedicate her life to helping people heal their emotions and boost self confidence for success.She first discovered her gifts for being able to physically heal others when she helped her father to walk again. Today, her holistic approach and neuro-linguistic programming expertise focuses on transforming fears and negative beliefs into a positive and empowering mindset as a basis for healing people.An expert in emotional healing with 14 years of experience with proven success stories, Licensed NLP Master, as well as workshop Content Creator and Motivational Speaker. Over the years, she is trained by world famous mentors like Dr Richard Bandler, Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Robin Sharma, Byron Katie, Gregg Braden, Dr Eric Pearl, just to name a few.In this episode, Fusun shares how she discovered her unique abilities to heal people and how following her passion and purpose transformed her own life and the lives of people she has worked with.Some things you’ll learn about Fusun:Her background (1:07)How she began to shift her mindset (8:37)How she healed her father (13:57)What she did when she discovered her healing gifts (19:06)How she left her successful sales career to pursue her purpose as a healer (23:04)Why she decided to transition to helping people with emotional healing (26:29)Her journey to discovering NLP (29:20)An explanation of how anchoring is used in NLP (36:03)Some questions Bonni asks Fusun:What led you to leave your corporate career? (5:15)Can you explain what NLP is? (29:45)Can you give an example of how you’ve used NLP to help heal one of your clients? (32:00)Connect with Fusun:WebsiteInstagramFacebookRegister for the Free Podcast Accelerator Master ClassConnect with Bonni:InstagramFacebookEmail

The Lawyer of Attraction with Paula Kidd Casey

Season 2, Ep. 40
Paula Kidd Casey had been a practicing family law attorney for over 40 years and was one of the first women in the midwest to open a private law firm. Like many driven entrepreneurs, Paula spent years pursuing money and success at the expense of her health and peace of mind. After realizing her professional life was not bringing her joy and fulfillment, she spent years trying to define her passion and then searching for ways to achieve it. Thousands of hours of study later, she discovered a life-changing theory, The Natural Laws of the Universe.Today, she lives her passion based on these magical, yet scientifically proven, concepts.. Paula is a sought-after speaker and consultant for successful professionals, individuals searching for more joy, and everyone who might be seeking greater balance, happiness,and peace in their lives, but most importantly, who are seeking a path to realizing their own passion and reigniting the magic.Tune in to learn how The Law of Attraction can transform your health and life!Some things you’ll learn:About Paula (1:13)How Paula lost 100 pounds and sold her law practice (23:25)The power of epigenetics (42:00)Some questions Bonni asks Paula:What led you to the decision to leave your career as a successful family law attorney? (2:15)Using the Law of Attraction and what you know how can people step into more wellness? (50:12)What are one or two books you recommend for my audience? (59:00)How do you define courage? (1:01)Connect with Paula:WebsiteThe Lawyer of Attraction PodcastThe Lawyer and The Law of Attraction: Discover the Proof, the Power and the Magic of Manifesting Genuine AbundanceConnect with Bonni:InstagramFacebookEmailShow ResourcesNotes from the UniverseAbraham HicksThe Hero’s Journey BookConversations with GodInfinite PossibilitiesThe Power of Now

Healing with Ayurvedic Medicine with Dr. Avanti Kumar-Singh

Season 2, Ep. 39
As a medical doctor, Dr. Kumar-Singh experienced the limitations of traditional medicine. She left her career in emergency medicine to begin a 20-year journey to study, research and experience traditional healing systems from a wide range of cultures.She was led to become a practitioner of the 5,000 year old ancient healing tradition known as Ayurveda. Dr. Kumar-Singh has used Ayurveda to transform her own life and the lives of many of her patients, students, family, and friends.Avanti has shared her expertise with Fortune 500 companies, elite undergraduate and graduate institutions, and at prestigious industry and medical conferences. She has been featured in the Huffington Post, Thrive Global and Mind Body Green and served as the co-lead facilitator of the Faculty Scholars Program in Integrative Healthcare at the OSHER Center for Integrative Medicine at Northwestern Medicine.In this episode Dr. Kumar-Singh shares the premises upon which Ayurveda is based and some practical advice that we can all implement to take control of our health.Some things you’ll learn:About Dr. Kumar-Singh (1:13)Why Dr. Kumar-Singh transitioned from Western medicine to Ayurveda (3:24)An explanation of Ayurveda (8:28)About the doctor’s daily routine (13:45)The impact of stress on the body (24:05)The Ayurvedic perspective of toxicity and the importance of eliminating toxins (25:41)The importance of balance and how to maintain it in life (38:35)Some questions Bonni asks Dr. Kumar-Singh:When you were growing up were you consciously aware that your family was practicing Ayurveda or was it just a way of life for you? (6:07)What are some steps we can take to get back in harmony with nature? (12:07)What can we do to get more restful sleep and get to sleep at a time that’s more in sync with circadian rhythms? (19:05)What does it do to the body when you’re in a constant state of fight or flight? (22:22)What practices can people employ to eliminate toxins from their life? (30:11)How do you define courage? (42:47)Connect with Dr. Kumar-Singh:WebsiteInstagramThe Healing Catalyst PodcastThe Health Catalyst BookConnect with Bonni:InstagramFacebookEmail

Connecting the Dots Between Empathy & Chronic Illness with Sarah Small

Season 2, Ep. 37
Sarah Small, otherwise known as The Uncensored Empath, was a self-described “sponge to the universe’s problems”. Her highly empathetic nature caused her to take on the emotions of everyone around her. She believes there is a strong connection between emotion and chronic illness and like so many others, all of her deeply felt emotions manifested into physical illness.Diagnosed with stomach migraines at the age of seven and then anxiety, fibromialgia, celiac disease and other autoimmune conditions later in life, she learned and applied a multitude of healing modalities to herself.Today, Sarah is a thriving life and success coach for other empaths. She teaches healing modalities such as emotional freedom technique, nervous system retraining, breathwork, and more. Sarah is a wealth of knowledge, as you’ll hear in this conversation. Enjoy!Some things you’ll learn:About Sarah (1:11)About Sarah’s chronic illness journey (2:58)Some questions Bonni asks Sarah:Do you see a connection between chronic illness and trauma? (12:07)Do you still label yourself as chronically ill or do you consider yourself healed? (18:30)What helped you to break through your limiting beliefs and become the strong business leader you are today? (22:32)How do you advise that people protect their energy in the crazy environment of 2020/2021? (29:29)Can you speak about emotional inflammation? (35:17)How do you define courage? (46:48)What are you offering currently? (49:13)Connect with Sarah:WebsiteInstagramFacebookThe Uncensored Empath Podcast21 Days of Healing BookConnect with Bonni:InstagramFacebookEmail:

How to Feed Your Mind & Body, Not Your Fear with Natali Križan

Season 2, Ep. 36
Natali Križan was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease as a young girl. She went through years of disabling pain, eventually leading to surgical removal of two meters of her colon. Despite the challenges of her diagnosis, Natali immersed herself in self development. She went on to become an expert on mindset through years of training under Tony Robbins. Natali is now a certified fitness and personal trainer with ten certifications and 20 years of experience in the fitness industry.Today, Natali helps people to identity and work on limiting beliefs and patterns that are keeping them stuck. She believes that when you are in shape mentally, physically, and emotionally you have the focus, strength, and resources to accomplish anything!Listen to hear how Natali overcame her diagnosis, learning to nourish her mind and body and claim the greatest measure of wealth, HER HEALTH.Some things that you’ll learn:About Natali (1:11)How did chronic illness change your perspective in life? (7:12)The relationship between inner peace and health (11:01)About the journey method (17:57)The daily routine that keeps Natali healthy physically and mentally (24:06)Some questions Boanni asks Natali:About Natali’s journey with chronic illness (3:01)How do you tune into your body? (8:55)What would you say to people who are in a dark place to start getting out of that space? (16:05)Do you have any clients that you’ve helped through their chronic illness? (19:27)How do you teach people to love their bodies again? (21:21)What is your “why”? (22:15)Where can people get started with incorporating movement into their lives? (26:04)What have been some your biggest takeaways from Tony Robbins? (27:56)What do you do to change your state? (30:05)How do you define courage? (36:12)Connect with Natali:IG: Resources:The Journey Method: with Bonni:

Proof that Incurable Only Means Curable from Within with JOY

Season 2, Ep. 35
This episode is captivating, mesmerizing, and filled with hope for anyone who has been told what they can’t do.As just fifteen years old, Joy flew off a cliff on a motorbike and was declared dead on an operating table. Nine later she was hit by a drunk driver and suffered both internal and external injuries. She was told by doctors that her leg needed to be amputated and that she wouldn’t live past 30 years of age.At the time of recording this conversation on December 28th, 2020, Joy was twice the age she was told she’d live to, 60 years old. And by the way, not only did she keep her leg, but she became a medal winning ballroom and Latin dancer.Joy lives by the words “incurable only means curable from within” and claims that her perspective is her superpower. She is a published author certified in over a dozen healing modalities. Joy now teaches others to “reprogram their brains for optimal levels of productivity and JOY”. In addition she teaches how to clear stress in three minutes or less, dissolve emotional trauma painlessly, and experience JOY regardless of circumstances.Some things that you’ll learn:About Joy (1:07)How she became a world expert in clearing stress (6:47)The most important thing Joy learned (12:05)What we are taught about pain (14:53)Some questions Boanni asks Joy:What do our symptoms mean from a larger perspective? (12:44)Why she named herself Joy (20:12)You’ve done a wonderful job of turning a difficult situation around. What inspires you to do that? (22:20)When you look back over your life why do you think all of these things happened? (28:40)Do you think differently because of the brain injuries? (30:45)How in the world can we possibly get rid of our stress in three minutes? (32:03)How do you define courage? (44:17)Connect with Joy:Website: Resources:Video on How to Clear Stress in 3 Minutes or Less: Fund Me: Can Heal Your Life Book: with Bonni:

How He Rewrote His Autoimmune Story with Adam Kruger

Season 2, Ep. 34
Adam Kruger, had a picture perfect life until the age of thirteen, when some personal events threw him into a downward spiral of stress and illness. At the age of fourteen, he found himself in the most excruciating, debilitating pain of his life, leaving him unable to keep food in his body. After a year of searching for answers, he was diagnosed with Duodenal Crohn's Disease.Through various modalities and lifestyle changes, Adam managed to get his symptoms under control and went on to create a very full and satisfying life. Adam has worn many hats including TV host, inspirational speaker, podcaster, and executive coach, but his biggest measure of success is how he is able to make a difference in the lives of others.Adam truly embodies the name of his podcast, Enhanced Living, and in this episode shares so many strategies to help us all live a more enhanced life.Some things that you’ll learn:About Adam (1:11)The autoimmune condition that Adam was diagnosed with (2:30)How Adam started eating vegetables again (6:09)What he discovered worsened his condition and how he used this discovery to manage his symptoms (6:55)How Adam’s daily routine helps him maintain his spiritual, physical, and emotional health (33:17)Offerings that Adam and his wife, Cherice have available (38:10)Adam’s words of advice to anyone going through chronic illness (39:48)Some questions Boanni asks Adam:How do you manage and reduce your stress? (7:40)Do you feel that stress is a root cause? (11:52)How do you define success? (18:21)If you could eliminate having Crohn’s from your life would you? (23:34)What tips can you offer to help people who are still dealing with chronic illness? (26:04)How do you personally define courage? (37:20)Connect with Adam:Website: Living Podcast: Group: Resources:The Celestine Prophecy Book: Academy of Self Mastery: with Bonni: