The Chronically Courageous with Bonni Howard


Celebrating Progress Over Perfection with David Pinkus

Season 2, Ep. 47

This week Bonni is joined by her fiancé, David Pinkus to talk about the importance of recognizing and celebrating progress over perfection throughout the healing journey.  With some recent health challenges resurfacing, they discuss how to recognize and identify progress from a 50,000 foot level vs. focusing on the day-to-day ups and downs. 

Bonni and David hone in on their recent travels, acknowledging the very real challenges that can arise when traveling with chronic illness,  but the very tangible wins that they both recognized in Bonni’s ability to travel now vs. before she embarked on her healing journey. 

Join Bonni and David as they celebrate Bonni's progress and share tips on how to track and recognize your own progress as you continue to strive for greater health. 

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