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Janna Lopez | Finding a New Identity after MS Diagnosis and Midlife Transition

Ep. 7

While getting ready to have her first book published, two years ago, Janna Lopez felt that something was off. At the age of 51, she learned that this feeling was not imagined, rather it was the result of having several lesions on her brain caused by Multiple Sclerosis.

In this episode, Janna uses her gift for verbal expression to convey the emotions that accompanied her diagnosis, how she has learned to manage her illness, and how she is moving forward with courage and purpose.

Janna is a published author, public speaker, midlife coach, and podcast host. Formerly, she was a successful magazine publisher and a communications consultant serving small businesses, non-profits, and multi-million dollar companies. Her life’s work has revolved around the art of expression through words and images. 

Janna has a beautiful way of seeing the world and believes that in this time of a global pandemic, "it is the mundane that will save us". Her way of seeing the beauty in the simplest of things was a breath of fresh air in a time of great complexity.

What You’ll Learn:

  • About Janna (2:22)
  • How Janna came to find out she had Multiple Sclerosis (5:00)
  • What happened when Janna first met with a neurologist (9:07)
  • Janna’s perspective on who you are vs. what you do (32:06)

Some Questions Bonni asks Janna:

  • What do you think have been the gifts in getting this diagnosis and how has it changed you? (11:38)
  • How has your diagnosis affected your identity and how you see yourself in the world? (12:36)
  • What have you done to keep yourself on a positive path post diagnosis? (16:10)
  • What do you do to handle the emotional side of your diagnosis? (22:37)
  • What would you tell your younger self knowing what you now know? (23:56) 
  • What advice would you give to other people who have been recently diagnosed? (25:36)
  • What would you define as courageous? (28:40)
  • What’s your answer now when someone says, “who are you”? (39:04)

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