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The Violent Falsehood Of Whites | Writer Otegha Uwagba

Season 1, Ep. 16
On this slightly different episode of Storyteller, host Lisa Golden speaks to writer Otegha Uwagba about her new essay Whites: On Race And Other Falsehoods.The essay explores Uwagba’s impressions and discomfort as the Black Lives Matter movement reignited a conversation about race all over the world, as she disentangled social media reactions, anti-racist reading lists and a lifetime of experience of dealing with white people.Lisa and her best friend Zandi reflect on the lessons and warnings posed by Whites as friends who have had an ongoing conversation about how the tensions around race express themselves in their relationship.There are a lot of caveats to be made, most importantly of which is this is not a normal straight-forward interview to explore the ideas from a new book. Using Uwagba’s astute reflections on the time we are living in, Lisa and Zandi use it as a starting point to have the kind of nuanced, empowered and clear-eyed discussions around racism and whiteness that are so desperately needed.Show notes:You can order Whites from (which is now open in the UK! Support independent bookshops!) Or if you must, from Amazon.You can follow Otegha Uwagba on Twitter and Instagram.Send Lisa your thoughts about the show onTwitter @lisajozi or @storytellerpod1Instagram @lisagoldenjozi or @storyteller_podOr drop her an email at for a shout on in the following week's episode!

Wellness Culture Can F*** Off - A New Look At Living With Chronic Illness with Lucy Pasha-Robinson

Season 1, Ep. 15
When you’re not well, there are some things you don’t want to hear…Have you tried yoga?Are you drinking enough water?Have to tried this supplement, or that wacky Goop craze?Well, today’s guest, Lucy Pasha Robinson, the opinions editor at HuffPost UK, has had enough. Which is why she’s the host of their new podcast series called Chronic.Chronic is an unashamedly anti-wellness podcast. And this is why I wanted Lucy to come on the show. There is a story that we tell about health. About being well, and being unwell. Of fixing things. Of battling things. Of fighting things. When the reality of the worlds of health and illness do not have a clear delineation.No one knows this better than people who live with chronic conditions. The kind of people Lucy talks to on the podcast. Chronic is challenging the narrative of a constant pursuit of wellness at all costs, and rather focuses on the intricacies, lessons and humour of living with a chronic illness.Welcome to Storyteller, a podcast about how, and why, we tell stories. We have quite a few new listeners join us since last week, so I wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I’m your host, Lisa Golden, I’m a journalist and documentary filmmaker, obsessed with the intricacies of storytelling. So this podcast is a chance to hear from people from all fields and from all over the world. I’ve had poets, and journalists and performers on, but I’ve also had academics, scientists and even a Buddhist nun on. We’re all storytellers, and this podcast is here to feed your curiosity, to spark ideas in your brain, get you thinking about the stories that are being told around you and maybe even the stories you want to tell yourself.I loved this conversation with Lucy because what I found so interesting about listening to people share their experiences on Chronic, is how much discomfort people who don’t understand chronic illness, bring to those who have these conditions. So, what I mean is, these narratives and stories about striving for health, health as something that is achievable if you just put a bit of elbow grease into it and take your vitamins - these narratives and beliefs add an extra layer of pain for people already dealing with their own physical experiences.We also discuss the structure of the health system, why we’re so uncomfortable with illness and Lucy shares her own experiences which led to her making Chronic in the first place.SHOW NOTES:Listen to Chronic hereFollow Lucy on Twitter hereSend Lisa your thoughts about the show onTwitter@lisajozior@storytellerpod1Instagram@lisagoldenjozior@storyteller_podOr drop her an email at for a shout on in the following week's episode!

The Violence Of Powerful Neighbours | Filmmakers Rodrigo Hernandez & Elpida Nikou

Season 1, Ep. 14
“Poor Mexico, So far from God. So close to the United States”These famous words, of the late Mexican dictator Porfirio Diaz, describe a difficult, bloody relationship between neighbours. The economically dominant and powerful USA, hungry for drugs, and their neighbour to the south, Mexico, that provides them.In this episode of Storyteller, host Lisa Golden speaks to filmmakers Rodrigo Hernandez and Elpida Nikou about their award-winning documentary Blood On Our Side. The film follows Ana Gonzalez, a forensic investigator tasked with processing the high volume of bodies left on the streets of Juarez, one of the most violent in the region. Lisa speaks with the filmmakers about the process of documenting violence, this deathly push and pull of drugs and guns between the USA and Mexico the importance and the power of journalists and filmmakers working collaboratively.SHOWNOTES:This week's podcast cross-promotion is with Record of Change, which documents eight individuals' stories in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America. The podcast asks how they deal with the changes they have to face on essential levels: economically, emotionally, socially, ecologically. Find out more and listen here.You can find Rodrigo and Elpida's work at Muzungu Productions online here, on Twitter @Muzungu_ @RodrigoHdzT and @nelpidasSend Lisa your thoughts about the show on Twitter @lisajozi or @storytellerpod1 Instagram @lisagoldenjozi or @storyteller_podOr drop her an email at for a shout on in the following week's episode!