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What's Your Money Story? | Pennies To Pounds Founder Kia Commodore

Season 2, Ep. 5

Do you find it hard to talk about money? In the household where you grew up, did the adults talk about money? Was it a source of stress, or a source of power?

Money can sometimes seem like it’s not from the world of storytelling. It’s cold, hard. Lines on a sheet. Digital transactions whooshing around the globe. 

But the stories we learn and we tell about money dominate a huge portion of our lives. For some, it measures our worth. For others, our vulnerability. Issues around money can be deeply interwoven with shame, secrecy. If money is unfeeling, transactional, clinical, our feelings are anything but. 

Which is why I was so glad to have Kia Commodore on the podcast this week. Kia is the founder of Pennies to Pounds, a financial literacy platform which makes learning about money straightforward, clear and manageable. 

I first heard Kia on her podcast of the same name. I was impressed by her caring directness, and the engaged and excited reaction she was getting online showed that she had tapped into something that a generation that is living in an ever-more complex world of financial tools was desperate for someone to guide them through. 

So whether you're struggling or a financial whizz, I hope you can take something away from Kia’s cool-headed, but warm-hearted approach to finances. 

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