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The Stories Of Our Panic Years | Writer Nell Frizzell

Season 2, Ep. 6

The story of motherhood is one of the most powerful narratives in women’s lives from a very early age. Whether you dream of a large brood or are determined to never have kids, the question becomes magnified when you reach your late twenties and early thirties. 

Writer Nell Frizzell has written about the pressure of this period in her and other women’s lives, aptly naming them, The Panic Years. 

In this episode of Storyteller, Frizzell shares her process of writing the book, how the pandemic has increased these pressures on many people and the wonder of both giving birth and then writing it in all its vivid, heroic glory.

Show notes:

Buy The Panic Years at (support independent book shops!), Waterstones or Amazon.

Find out more about Nell Frizzell on her website, follow her on Twitter and listen to her podcast.  

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