Sold as Seen

  • 29. The Smell of Diff Oil

    Andy tells us the uncomfortably fast truth of the Tesla Model S Plaid, after a recent track day in one. We then talk knowing nothing about supercars, and the dire state of the MOT system in Northern Ireland.
  • 28. Caterham Project V and Supercar Sunday

    After a short summer holiday hiatus, we discuss Goodwood, the Caterham Project V and the upcoming Supercar Extravaganza charity event to support the NI Air Ambulance
  • 27. Overpriced Golfing

    The £65k Mk8 Golf-R 333, Andy's Yaris replacement, the Tesla Model S Plaid and Your Questions Answered.
  • 26. Slow Has Been

    In this, episode 26 of the Sold as Seen Podcast, we discuss the untimely passing of Waterford Rally man Craig Breen and the superb Dubshed car show. Andy regales the collection of his new Lotus Emira, and Ross dissects his M3 defeat at the hands of a Yaris on the drag strip.
  • 25. L200 from NI to Ukraine

    We are joined by Anthony Hughes (Artoir on RMS) who has just returned from an epic trip to Ukraine to donate a Mitsubishi L200 to the front line. He talks us through his incredible journey, from idea through fundraising to actually making this audacious trip.   In other news Andy drives a Lotus, buys an EV and Gary lands an M4. Whilst you listen I highly recommend Anthony's thread to see great photos in his Drive for Ukraine NI thread here:'s Go Fund Me Link:
  • 24. Show Your Support

    The Car Show calendar of motoring events in Northern Ireland has never been better. We think you should make the time for them! We also answer your questions from the RMS forum
  • 23. Type R Too Far

    In this show, Andy discusses deliberations over the new FL5 Honda Civic Type-R. Nostalgia of teenage VTEC ownership versus forking out a whopping 47 grand, and the pressure of a 24hr ultimatum from Honda.Gary picks over the Silverstone auctions results from the recent NEC Classic Car Show with both eye watering and surprising results.Ross brings us up to speed on the new BMW CSL Batmobile, and pins hopes on a drag racing win against Andy next year, with a new final drive in his M3.Listener and RMS member questions answered. Poorly of course.Read the full show notes and let us know your comments on RMS Motoring and the Forum:
  • 22. Aircooled Drag Racing with Ben Lawrence

    In this episode, Andy and Ross talk to Ben Lawrence (56 Oval), who with the backing of Straightliners will be timing a series of drag racing events here in NI. Despite living in the province for nearly two decades he hasn't lost a hint of his Essex accent, and we talk about his obsession with aircooled VWs, drag racing and how he relishes the challenge of getting on the tools of carbureted classics.
  • 21. Fanta Duster

    Local cops storm a Spar to avoid a Dacia Duster. Andy drives a Morgan Plus Four, a Maserati MC20 and had a Ferrari SF90 out on track, but really wants to drive an MG4. We talk 50 years of M cars. Gary orders an EV. And Ross has his shorter final drive fitted to his E46 M3.