Sold as Seen

Join Andy Cooper from Northern Ireland's RMS Motoring with fellow hosts Ross Annett and Gary Reilly on their journey to blag a chat with the most renowned petrolheads and motoring personalities they can manage.

After two decades of running RMS, competing in motorsport, writing, blogging, photography, features, reviews and travel, Andy knew there was only one other thing to do. Talk. And some of the most interesting car folk you meet in life might be 5 minutes trackside at Kirkistown Circuit or in a packed hall at the Geneva Motor Show.

Sold as Seen is the ultimate excuse for us to have a proper chat with anyone who loves cars, be they from 'wee' NI or further afield, and share it with you all. And when we're not, we're gassing about cars in general. If you like what we're doing, tell a mate. And be internet socially responsible - like, share and rate. And enjoy!