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  • 36. BYD Fish Market

    Gary tells us the new M5 has got too big for its boots. Ross saw the Cybertruck. And wants one. Andy visits BYD in Belfast, and drinks Clarkson's beer.

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  • 35. Springsteen Coupe

    In this episode we talk about the horrendous fire at the Engine Block and drift games. Andy's driven the new Lotus Eletre, Purosangue, and one of the very last Fiesta STs. Ross is going to see a cybertruck. And Gary's concerned about his crack.
  • 34. Dubshed Reloaded with Nigel Lamont

    Our guest on episode 34 is none other than Dubshed show organiser, and Reload Podcast presenter, Nigel Lamont. We hear about what's coming in Dubshed 2024, the Supercar weekend, and what endears us to brands or cars for life.
  • 33. Just the Right Amount of Power

    Is the BMW I5 M60 worth north of £100k? Or a 520d over 50k? What are your rituals just before you start driving (and some climate control madness). And what's just the right amount of power? All in this episode of the Sold as Seen Podcast, with Andy Cooper from RMS Motoring, with Gary Reilly and Ross Annett. Oh, and Gary wins yet another (well deserved) watch from Evo!
  • 32. Cybertruck Potholes

    In episode 32 of the Sold as Seen Podcast, the last of 2023, we talk Tesla Cybertruck, cheap L405 Range Rovers, Potholes and an irregular insurance background check.
  • 31. NEC Classic Car Show 2023

    We visit the Classic Car Show at Birmingham's National Exhibition Centre. See RMS Motoring for accompanying photos which will definitely help understand what we are talking about!
  • 30. Tint My Ride

    Resident entrepreneur Ross shares a novel approach to dealing with tinted glass. Andy talks Walter Isaacson's Musk bio, and Gary tells us about the crushing disappointment that was the ST185 Celica GT4.