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Season 1, Ep. 12

From being a corporate America CPA to becoming a Financial Literacy Coach and Profit Strategist, mompreneur Jamie Trull has found her mission in educating women business owners and self-employed individuals on understanding their finances. In this episode, Gretchen chats with Jamie about how she found her passion, learned to lean into following the path that unfolded in front of her, and her belief in servant leadership. When the pandemic hit, Jamie became a popular expert for business owners and her Facebook group exploded from 5000 members to 30,000 in just a few months! She helps her community (and us) understand the limiting beliefs we have around money. We are thrilled to have her on the show!

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  • 42. Living Aligned with Your Human Design

    Eden Carpenter is a spiritual mindset and business coach. She believes Human Design is a system for understanding yourself and others so that you can go out and confidently interact with the world. In this episode, Eden walks Gretchen through how using your human design chart can help you discover who you want to be and live a fully aligned life. Eden advocates for an unconventional approach to success and manifesting through intuitive-living and radical self-trust. She stepped away from her nursing path, shortly after earning her degree, to focus all of her efforts on her rapidly growing Human Design Education company. She educates through courses, books, coaching, and her Sacred Success Coaching Program, and uses her platform to give others a permission slip to be who they were designed to be. Listen NOW to find out how to determine your intuitive process through human design!Find & Follow Eden here:“Giving yourself a permission slip, by realizing you don’t have to do something because you don’t like the way it makes you feel, will give you a huge sense of relief.”
  • 41. Self-Coaching Tools

    Life Coach Olivia Vizachero, left her former career as a BigLaw litigator and criminal defense attorney to create The Less Stressed Lawyer, a boutique life coaching practice for lawyers. She works with lawyers who are overworked, over-stressed, overwhelmed and over it. Through her coaching work, she teaches lawyers how to practice emotional management, improve time management, balance their workload and make themselves and their wellbeing their top priority so they can start living lives with less stress and far more fulfillment.Olivia shares with Brooke how she realized she was more aligned with society’s standards and not aligned with her own so she decided to make different choices and to no longer seek others' approval, which ultimately led her on a path of self-discovery and toward her passion for coaching.Listen NOW to learn tips and tools to move through discomfort and take intentional action toward your desired results!We chat about:Thought ModelingIntentional ActionOwning Our FeelingsThe Neutrality of CircumstancesChoice-Based ResultsAnd so much more!“There's no result you cannot create if there's no emotion you are unwilling to feel.”Find and Follow Olivia here:
  • 40. Waking Up Excited!

    Stylist & Artist Amy Gilstrap Dodd has completely shifted her mindset from fear to excitement through meditation and therapy. She and Tharwat discuss the ways in which her fear of others' opinions really hindered her choices early in life. Even with the uncertainty of changing careers she decided it was time to follow her heart and do what she loves instead of what she thought other people expected of her.She quickly learns the extreme importance of communication, or lack thereof, and how your reality may only be the perception you create. Listen now to find out more about obstacles and how she overcame them, the power of meditation, how to forgive yourself for not being perfect, and so much more!We talk about:Giving yourself the grace you give othersChanging your fear to excitementReality or perceptionMeditation & therapyAnd so much more!You can find and follow Amy here:“Overcoming perfectionism is realizing I've given other people more grace than I’ve given myself.” -Amy
  • 39. The Power of Your Words

    Author, consultant, and CEO of Best Seller Bound, {shift}her sister Kim McPherson created the playbook that guides authors in their writing process, promoting, and publishing of their books. Kim decided to use the tools she learned over the years to help others navigate the muddy waters of the writing process because she believes anyone can write and publish a book with the right mentor.Kim decided to break the cycle of her negative mindset in order to help grow her business, as well as guide and empower others through writing. Listen now as she and Gretchen discuss how {shift}her was the motivation she needed to help break that cycle, the power of the written word, and her desire to empower others.We talk about:Motivation for transformationYour book is your business cardThe importance of having a support groupAnd so much more!You can find and follow Kim bellow: Gretchen’s book here:“There’s help within each book, that’s the power of it, if you can help one person with your book it’s worth it all day long.” -Kim McPherson
  • 38. Investing in Yourself Daily

    Today, Kelly visits with Thriving {shift}her Sister Kinsey Carr to discuss how she has learned to shift her mindset from survival mode to thriving mode. Rather than allowing fear to dictate the decisions in her life, Kinsey changed her approach to one of fearless, intentional living. Tune in now to find out how she worked through challenges, recognized break-through moments, and resists falling back into her fear-based decisions by staying consistent in her growth.We chat about:Being mindful of your feelingsRecognizing the small winsLiving fearlesslyAnd so much more!Find and Follow Kinsey below:“I’d rather be challenged and grow, than play safe and stay small.” -Kinsey Carr
  • 37. Shifting from Burnout to Relief

    Relief Coach & Consultant Erika Shepard is an international speaker, healer, and the founder of The Good Enough Movement (GEM). In today’s episode, Brooke and Erika discuss how she empowers professionals in high pressure work environments to use their innate abilities to transform pressure into relief.  She believes everyone has the potential to shine bright in whatever they’re meant to be or do in life. Listen in to hear her personal journey of transformation from serving in the conventional medical field to holistic healing.We chat about:Living out of your heart versus your headLetting go of controlOwning what WOULD make you happySuppressing your emotions & your truthAnd so much more!You can find & follow Erika on:“So many medical issues are caused by the pressure of us suppressing who we really are.”
  • 36. Hypnosis to Transform Your Thoughts

    Don’t miss this episode as Gretchen visits with special guest, Rebecca Wiener McGregor, CCH. Rebecca is an amplifier of love and a catalyst for breakthroughs by sharing her gift as a transformational hypnotist and money mindset coach. She helps entrepreneurial women heal their past traumas through hypnosis in order to create a more fulfilling life of abundance and be able to really step into leadership in their businesses.She teaches ways to change your mindset and believes your own thoughts are the only things standing between you and success. As she values both meditation and hypnosis, finding they work hand-in-hand when learning to retrain your brain and how to let go of your own judgemental thoughts so you can create a space for the divine to speak to you, have space for inspiration, gratitude and appreciation, and practice being in the present moment. Find Rebecca on:"When you build a wall to block out the rain, it blocks out the sunshine too."
  • 35. Finding Your Intuitive Power

    Don’t miss this interview with special guest Michelle Rhodes. She is an Intuitive Astrologer who loves to help others find their power and acceptance of their lives through Astrology, Yoga, Energetics, Neurobiology, and Mindfulness. Michelle intuitively reads astrological birth charts to determine the planet's alignments at the time of her client’s birth in order to help her clients identify their traumas and make choices favorable for their future. She holds bi-monthly moon circles on the new moon phase and the full moon phase, in hopes of helping people learn to live intentionally and tap into their own intuitive power. Astrology has given her strength and an awareness of how she shows up and how she treats other people. You can find Michelle online at:“When two or more women gather, it’s not the amount of knowledge one of us has over the other, it's that we are coming together, sharing and helping each other while strengthening the power of the collective.”
  • 34. The Power of Doing What You Love

    In today’s episode Kelly interviews a special guest, Crystal C. Mercer, who chose her own path by doing what makes her happy. Crystal is using her artistic abilities to honor the legacy of her late father, Civil Rights Attorney Christopher C. Mercer, Jr. by using different creative mediums as a tool for empowerment, education, and social justice. Crystal is a textile artist, actor, activist, poet, playwright, author, Founder and Creative Director of Columbus Creative Arts and Activism, as well as, the Lead Designer of Mercer Textile Mercantile. Her most recent publication is a textile masterpiece that is beautifully hand sewn and encourages black girls everywhere to appreciate their hair in its natural state, From Cotton to Silk: The Magic of Black Hair.Listen now to find out more about how her interactions with people on a daily basis, through art and different venues, has helped her learn better ways to express herself through activism and how she is planting the seeds and laying down the brick so the road is a little easier for future generations to live freely in a world of which sheonly dreams. “The most radical thing you can do is to just be yourself.” Special acknowledgement to Arshia Khan for helping Crystal step out of her comfort zone and reminding her to breathe:  http://www.arshiakhanblog.comYou can find Crystal on:Website: her book here:“Women who are struggling, grinding, taking care of your families or animals, I support you and hope that the love that’s pouring out of me will be reciprocated because we DO need each other to make it!”