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Self-Coaching Tools

Season 1, Ep. 41

Life Coach Olivia Vizachero, left her former career as a BigLaw litigator and criminal defense attorney to create The Less Stressed Lawyer, a boutique life coaching practice for lawyers. She works with lawyers who are overworked, over-stressed, overwhelmed and over it. Through her coaching work, she teaches lawyers how to practice emotional management, improve time management, balance their workload and make themselves and their wellbeing their top priority so they can start living lives with less stress and far more fulfillment.

Olivia shares with Brooke how she realized she was more aligned with society’s standards and not aligned with her own so she decided to make different choices and to no longer seek others' approval, which ultimately led her on a path of self-discovery and toward her passion for coaching.

Listen NOW to learn tips and tools to move through discomfort and take intentional action toward your desired results!

We chat about:

  • Thought Modeling
  • Intentional Action
  • Owning Our Feelings
  • The Neutrality of Circumstances
  • Choice-Based Results
  • And so much more!

“There's no result you cannot create if there's no emotion you are unwilling to feel.”

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