The {Shift}Her Podcast


The Power of Doing What You Love

Season 1, Ep. 34
In today’s episode Kelly interviews a special guest, Crystal C. Mercer, who chose her own path by doing what makes her happy. Crystal is using her artistic abilities to honor the legacy of her late father, Civil Rights Attorney Christopher C. Mercer, Jr. by using different creative mediums as a tool for empowerment, education, and social justice. Crystal is a textile artist, actor, activist, poet, playwright, author, Founder and Creative Director of Columbus Creative Arts and Activism, as well as, the Lead Designer of Mercer Textile Mercantile. Her most recent publication is a textile masterpiece that is beautifully hand sewn and encourages black girls everywhere to appreciate their hair in its natural state, From Cotton to Silk: The Magic of Black Hair.Listen now to find out more about how her interactions with people on a daily basis, through art and different venues, has helped her learn better ways to express herself through activism and how she is planting the seeds and laying down the brick so the road is a little easier for future generations to live freely in a world of which sheonly dreams. “The most radical thing you can do is to just be yourself.”Special acknowledgement to Arshia Khan for helping Crystal step out of her comfort zone and reminding her to breathe: http://www.arshiakhanblog.comYou can find Crystal on:Website: her book here:“Women who are struggling, grinding, taking care of your families or animals, I support you and hope that the love that’s pouring out of me will be reciprocated because we DO need each other to make it!”