The {Shift}Her Podcast


The Power of Your Words

Season 1, Ep. 39

Author, consultant, and CEO of Best Seller Bound, {shift}her sister Kim McPherson created the playbook that guides authors in their writing process, promoting, and publishing of their books. Kim decided to use the tools she learned over the years to help others navigate the muddy waters of the writing process because she believes anyone can write and publish a book with the right mentor.

Kim decided to break the cycle of her negative mindset in order to help grow her business, as well as guide and empower others through writing. Listen now as she and Gretchen discuss how {shift}her was the motivation she needed to help break that cycle, the power of the written word, and her desire to empower others.

We talk about:

  • Motivation for transformation
  • Your book is your business card
  • The importance of having a support group
  • And so much more!

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“There’s help within each book, that’s the power of it, if you can help one person with your book it’s worth it all day long.” -Kim McPherson

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