Roll Dice And Cry


On The Shoulders Of Giants Episode Zero: Somebody Killed Our Moon!

Season 1, Ep. 0

Off the southern coast of Galyria, a mysterious island has appeared seemingly out of thin air. Undeterred by this suspicious addition to their maps, an anonymous bankroller has chartered Armada Captain Daria D’Ebonair and her ship, the Hand in Hand, to investigate and chart the landmass. Captain D’Ebonair is joined by the hot-shot celestialist Bartimaeus Nemo and an eclectic group of adventurers from around The Archipelago... Welcome to Roll Dice and Cry’s Introductory episode! In this episode, we’ll be doing some world building and introducing the characters of our Dungeon World campaign, titled “On The Shoulders of Giants.”


Zachary Fredrickson (obfuscatinggod) as The Game Master

Mari Costa (Marinscos) as Radiant Eyre

Emily Riesbeck (thebluevalkyrie) as Zara Fontaine

Chander (chanderclear) as Ford Maphorn

Amy Sloan (effsie) as Adeline Fleetwood

Noora Udelius (snoorau) as Tiuku Bell

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