Roll Dice And Cry


On The Shoulders Of Giants Episode One: I Don't Think A Boat Ever Stops Moving

Season 1, Ep. 1

Water laps lazily onto the Hand in Hand’s bow as it sails through placid waters towards the shores of an island that should not be there. It’s quiet out here in the dark, and most of its crew slumbers below deck, wanting to be well rested before landfall. But abovedeck, some still restlessly stir, unable or unwilling to let the embrace of night drift them to dreamland. Five adventurers—our stories’ heroes—swap stories with each other to pass the midnight hours. They’ll be getting to know one another, forming opinions, and asking questions, but each of them has plenty to conceal, and nobody needs to be forthcoming. At least, not for now… This week on Roll Dice and Cry, we’ll be getting to know our main cast by playing Night Watch in the Ruins of the Future, a micro-game by D. Vincent Baker.


Zachary Fredrickson ( as The Game Master

Mari Costa ( as Radiant Eyre

Emily Riesbeck ( as Zara Fontaine

Chander ( as Ford Maphorn

Amy Sloan ( as Adeline Fleetwood

Noora Udelius ( as Tiuku Bell

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