Roll Dice And Cry


On The Shoulders Of Giants Episode Two: So What If It's Full Of Snakes?

Season 1, Ep. 2

Gigantic stone monuments loom over the Hand in Hand as it makes it’s landfall. Our heroes are eager to explore the mysterious island, but it’s quiet-- too quiet-- and that has Daria D’ebonair spooked… This week on Roll Dice and Cry, we start our Dungeon World campaign proper!


Zachary Fredrickson ( as The Game Master

Mari Costa ( as Radiant Eyre

Emily Riesbeck ( as Zara Fontaine

Chander ( as Ford Maphorn

Amy Sloan ( as Adeline Fleetwood

Noora Udelius ( as Tiuku Bell

The Giant’s Mirror, Fourth Stanza

Whan the Geant his visage seen

He loken e’er brighte and kene

Till winter’s cald did overcomen

and the Geant he did fresen.

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