Roll Dice And Cry


On The Shoulders Of Giants Episode Six: Cards on the Table

Season 1, Ep. 6

Enormous stone sarcophagi cast two thousand year old shadows over The Expeditionary Force in the deepest depths of the citadel. But even older dangers lurk within the hallowed halls of the Titans. Is this what Nemo has been so determined to find? And just how are our heroes expected to brave the horrors of the past?

This week on Roll Dice and Cry: Grab your destiny with both hands.


Zachary Fredrickson ( as The Game Master

Mari Costa ( as Radiant Eyre

Emily Riesbeck ( as Zara Fontaine

Chander ( as Ford Maphorn

Amy Sloan ( as Adeline Fleetwood

Noora Udelius ( as Tiuku Bell

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