Roll Dice And Cry

An actual play podcast where we roll dice and you cry. (We will also cry)

Welcome to Roll Dice And Cry! Currently in our second season: Third Eye Investigations, a supernatural detective story set in an alt-history 1950's supercity. Follow our heroes, a band of intrepid and private investigato
Latest Episode5/8/2019

Thank You and Goodnight

Hey all! Zachary Frederickson here, your friendly neighborhood GM. You might be wondering why there’s no episode in the feed today, and it falls to me as the GM and de facto voice of Roll Dice and Cry to pass on the news that unfortunately, the podcast is no longer in production. This year was really hard for us to get everybody together; there’s been a couple month-long gaps between recording sessions, and lots of new opportunities opening up for our castmates means that we collectively don’t have the same amount of time and energy to dedicate to the podcast that we once did. With that in mind, we’ve decided to definitively end it. Believe me, it wasn’t an easy decision, but it was the one that we decided was most healthy for everybody involved. I just want to take this chance to say that making this podcast with my friends has been some of the best times I’ve ever had, and that was only improved by being able to read your thoughts and reactions each week. You, the fans, have made this experience all the richer, and I can’t thank you enough for that. Now, while the show might have ended, it’s certainly not disappearing from the internet. The Soundcloud and Youtube archives are still staying up, and as far as I know the Pippa feed will still be here for awhile. Plus, we’re all over the internet, too! -The roles of Zara Fontaine and Marge Devlin were played by Emily Reisbeck. Emily is working on some new stuff, and It’s Your Funeral is coming out from Iron Circus Comics in 2020. You can read their webcomic at and find them on Twitter @thebluevalkyrie. -The roles of Radiant Eyre and Loic Luck were played by Mari Costa. Mari’s ongoing webcomic Peritale can be found at, and her past comics work can be found at You can follow her on Twitter @marinscos. -The roles of Adeline Fleetwood and Theodore Sinclair were played by Sloan, who can be found on Twitter @_Sloanzone. -The roles of Ford Maphorn and Bailey “The Daily” Sarton were played by Nikita, who can be found on twitter @Chanderclear. -Finally, the roles of Game Master and Bartimaeus Nemo have been played by Zachary Frederickson. You can find me on twitter @obfuscatingGod. As the curtains fall one last time, I just want to say, from the bottom of my heart, Thank you, and goodnight.