Remote Space


Mental Health Comes Into Focus

Ep. 23
Over the past year as the global workforce largely shifted to working remotely, our work-life balance was thrown for a loop. But one silver lining of the complications of working from home 24/7 and all the confusion and uncertainty caused by the pandemic is that it has led to a spotlight on both our mental health and issues of accessibility.   On today's episode, Doug speaks with Megan Lawrence, Microsoft's Accessibility Evangelist who spends her days working to ensure that everybody has the tools they need to excel at their jobs. Doug and Megan speak about how there's been a paradigm shift in how those in the workforce discuss their mental health and ways that the workplace is evolving to become more accommodating, and the upcoming Ability Summit all are welcomed to.   Links Meghan Lawrence's LinkedIn:  Doug Thomas' LinkedIn:  Ability Summit:  Office Accessibility Center:  Dictate feature in Microsoft 365:  Turn off notifications--distractions--in Outlook:  In Outlook, how to end meetings early or start late:  Author Kenji Yoshino on Covering: Discover and follow other Microsoft podcasts at