Remote Space

Working at home not as exciting as you thought it would be? Have a seat, get cozy by the fire, and tune in to hear stories and lessons learned by folks working and living in Remote Space. With host Doug Thomas you’ll hear from Work From Home newbies and veterans, managers managing remotely, authors, trainers, and workplace analytic specialists who pour over the data of worldwide workforces shifting their work habits.

Doug Thomas

Host Doug Thomas works in how-to video and training content at the official Microsoft support site. He has written and appeared in hundreds of videos for Office and Microsoft products including his Office Causal series and the Office 15-Minute Webinars.

Bruce Bracken

Executive Producer - Bruce Bracken is a professional photographer, filmmaker, and writer. His work at Microsoft combines experience in computer engineering with a passion for digital storytelling to convey meaningful human interest stories related to artificial intelligence, security, and technology. Bruce spearheads the podcast program in Microsoft Marvel Creative, and hosts an inspirational Covid-19 podcast, Luminaries in the Dark.