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When Compliance Training Met Rashelle…

Ep. 21

We’ve all seen those classic company compliance videos, you know the ones; poorly-scripted dialogue trying to teach us not to divulge company secrets. But Rashelle Tanner, Senior Corporate Counsel for Compliance and Ethics at Microsoft, knew that there was a better way to get information across than the traditional method. Using the Microsoft Runs on Trust campaign, Tanner decided to bring a dash of Hollywood pizazz to the new compliance videos. We’re talking suspense. Actually relatable characters. Drama!  

But raising the bar on these training videos takes a lot of production, and when quarantine began in March of 2020, all of that had to stop, or at least shift.  

Tune in to today’s episode to hear more about Rashelle Tanner's work, some of the drawbacks of working from home from her perspective as Sr. Corporate Counsel for Compliance and Ethics, and how her team has pivoted to create Netflix-worthy compliance training videos while working remote.  




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