Remote Space


A Nomadic Love Story

Ep. 28

The 2020 pandemic led many to discover that they weren't as tethered to a specific location as they previously thought. Realizing that they could continue to do their job from anywhere they had a laptop and reliable internet, it was easy for people to pick up their lives and become a digital nomad. But when your life is comprised of traveling as much as a digital nomad's does, it can be difficult to meet people and forge strong bonds, but that's where our guest comes in to save the day.   

Aline Dahmen realized she loved the nomad life but when she found that it was difficult to find and keep friends and develop relationships, she decided to take matters into her own hands. She developed Nomad Soulmates, an online community specifically geared for those like her who were interested in finding friends and romantic partners throughout their travels.   



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