PPA Scotland Magazine Stories


DC Thomson Media's Head of Podcasting: Chris Phin

Season 1, Ep. 1

Appropriately for our first podcast edition of Magazine Stories, we travelled to Dundee (before the lockdown) to speak to one of the leading figures driving publishers' pivot to audio. DC Thomson Media's Chris Phin is a passionate advocate for the medium, as a means to get closer to your audience and to engage with younger demographics.

He tells us how he's gone from geeky beginnings to a groundbreaking senior role within Scotland's biggest publisher, via editing roles at tech titles, freelance writing and consulting, and publishing the award-winning Scottish Wedding Directory.

Along the way, he is generous with his advice for navigating a magazine media career - as well as his tips for would-be podcasters. They can be "quick, easy and deliverable", he insists.

We also caught up with Chris again last week to find out how the coronavirus crisis has affected his team, and our listening habits.

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