PPA Scotland Magazine Stories


PPA's outgoing Chief Executive: Barry McIlheney

Season 1, Ep. 4

For this edition of Magazine Stories, we were very lucky to get some time with PPA’s Chief Executive, Barry McIlheney, in the last week of his ten-year stint in that role. He explains how the PPA has been supporting the magazine industry over the last decade, and particularly in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

Barry has a truly enviable career. He edited Smash Hits; launched Empire, heat and the French edition of FHM; and he held a series of senior management posts at EMAP. In a reflection of Barry’s many-storied life, our interview features the Oscars red carpet, editing advice from Warren Beatty, and the time a design decision enraged David Bowie.

As he points out, Barry has come a long way from his origins in North Belfast.

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