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Manifestation made simple with Jessie De Lowe

Season 1, Ep. 11

Manifestation made simple with tools and exercises to upgrade your life from within. We talk about intention, responsibility, simple pleasures, true change and happiness. Manifestation Coach, Certified Yoga Instructor, Art Therapist and Co-Founder of How You Glow, Jessie De Lowe shares her life-enhancing, enriching, and enlightening experiences with clients across the globe, and today she’s sharing her wisdom with us. In a very grounded way, Jessie brakes down the mystical word manifestation and gives us a practical way to start transforming our daily lives. 

Jessie assists people all over the world through one-on-one Manifestation Sessions, Relationship Coaching sessions and group Manifestation Workshops that blend her background in therapeutic healing with aromatherapy, meditation, journaling and art making, De Lowe inspires people to live the most vibrant life possible and step into alignment with their soul’s true calling. Earning a Masters degree in Art Therapy from New York University, Jessie has always been intrigued by the power of alternative healing and passionate about helping others. Jessie has a new podcast entitled Madly Forever, in which she explores the secrets to healthy, successful relationships, everlasting vitality and passionate love.



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Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Be your own best doctor with Dr. Jess

Season 2, Ep. 14
In this episode, I have the pleasure of chatting with Dr. Jessica Peatross where we talk holistic health, functional medicine, why detoxing can assist you wether you are feeling sluggish, brain foggy, sick or are just curious. She gives her best tips and practical exercises to feel well, both talking the physical detox and the mental and emotional aspect. We talk detox pathways, saunas, herbs, the kill-bind-sweat protocol, pooping, enemas, supplements, breath work and much more. Dr. Jess is passionate about teaching people how to be their own best doctor by educating themselves and listening to their body, and gives actionable steps to overcome health obstacles, emotional trauma and chronic illnesses.Dr. Jess is a former hospitalist, internal medicine based medical doctor and a certified Gerson Practitioner. Her passion lies in uncovering the mystery behind the chronic illness, whether that be stealth infections, mold, lyme, heavy metals, stress/trauma or other environmental toxicities. There are real, root cause answers for WHY the body might be malfunctioning. Dr Jess is helping people all over the world to with her online programs, also go check her instagram for uptodate, inspiring and informative content.https://drjessmd.comI you are an an entrepreneur, in a high-performing career, or you want to know exactly how to be your healthiest and best self, you will definitely find some valuable tips in this episode. Share with your friends and family, or wherever it might help. Enjoy!