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Living balanced with Dr. Diamantis

Season 2, Ep. 16

Are we on a mission as a whole? How can we awaken to the real lust for life, work and purpose? Today Doctor Diamantis Koukouvinos joins us to share about Chinese medicine, YinYang, stagnation in the masculine, going from doing to being and how living your authentic self can heal the body. We talk about real root causes of illness, the steps one can take and which questions to ask within. As a previously professional elite basketball player, Dr. Diamantis knew he had a different mission in life, and after becoming a naprapath he traveled to China to study functional medicine. Today he runs his own clinic assisting over hundres of clients yearly to improve their health, emotionally and physically. Join us for a deep talk about the seat of the heart and why its time for us to be free, love and create.

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Doctor Diamantis homepage: https://www.doctordiamantis.com

Doctor Diamantis instagram: www.instagram.com/doctordiamantis/?hl=sv

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