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  • 56. Tonight with Raduan

    Tonight's guest is Raduan, founder of Vibrer, the new platform for musicians and music lovers that aims to revolutionize the music industry by providing a stage for artists and connecting them with fans around the world.He and Neoborn Caveman talk about their genuine passion for music and a desire to help artists succeed, without the focus on personal gains. They believe that music has the power to heal and change the world.Vibrer aims to create a community where artists can collaborate and support each other, while giving fans the opportunity to discover new music and connect with their favorite artists. NC discovers that the platform is designed to be transparent and balanced, with an algorithm that promotes a variety of artists and genres.Vibrer also plans to offer additional features such as live streaming and support for artists in their creative journey, an important goal for Raduan and Vibrer is designed as a helping hand with the new opportunities it provides, and its vision as a global festival. The best is the genuine nature of Vibrer and its focus on supporting artists without hidden agendas. Raduan also shares his personal wishes and the challenges of on-boarding artists and fans.Discover Vibrer: the show on Patreon where rarities and specials are waiting for you and your nanny: are a few key takeaways for you:Vibrer is a platform that aims to revolutionize the music industry by providing a stage for artists and connecting them with fans around the world.The founders of Vibrer have a genuine passion for music and a desire to help artists succeed, without the focus on personal gains.Vibrer aims to create a community where artists can collaborate and support each other, while giving fans the opportunity to discover new music and connect with their favorite artists.The platform is designed to be transparent and balanced, with an algorithm that promotes a variety of artists and genres. Independent artists often have day jobs and little time for their music.Vibrer aims to be a helping hand for artists, providing support and opportunities.Vibrer is not meant to replace other social media platforms but offers a new perspective and opportunity for artists.Vibrer is like a global festival with an open mic, allowing artists to showcase their work to interested people.Vibrer is driven by a genuine desire to support artists and provide a platform without hidden agendas.The challenge for Vibrer is onboarding both artists and fans to create a thriving community.Slow and steady progress is key to Vibrer's success in building a strong artist and fan base.Join this open tea-house, bright-spirited conversation!Supporting Purple Rabbits!..............

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  • 55. Tonight with Johan Erle

    Johan Erle invites Neoborn Caveman to the realm of healthy lifestyle and probiotics. First they discuss the perception of Sweden in the media and the calm mentality of the Swedish people. Johan also shares his experience of creating an eco-village in Värmland and the benefits of collaborative living. It is easy to agree on the emerging need for a balanced life and questions the official narrative pushed by the media and school systems. Then, in the main segment Neoborn asks Johan about the importance of probiotics in sustainable farming and the decline of soil microbiomes. They aren't shying away from discussing the spiritual agenda behind industrial agriculture and the significance of real food and gut health, plus the relationship between water and health, the dangers of chemicals in water, and the need for sustainable wastewater systems. NC and Johan go on highlighting the power of meditation and music, the connection between fear and gut health, and the importance of minimizing exposure to radiation and talk about the benefits of real food and the dangers of fake food, the relationship between chronic illness and deprivation, and the potential for a sustainable and healthy future.Johan talks about this type of probiotics: is for this open tea-house style conversation and be a part of the people who choose to live healthier - some keys are in this episode.Did you know you can join to our Patreon for more and for some specials - while you can support the making of the episodes? It's here: Supporting Purple Rabbits!........................
  • 54. We Have To Talk About It

    We never shy away from challenging and heavy topics but this one was the hardest for all of us. However, we have to talk about it. Somebody needs to. And to find a solution.So, be brave and bear with Neoborn Caveman and Andia as they delve into the shocking news of a group of men g*ng-r*ping toddlers and explore potential solutions to prevent such heinous acts. They also cover the use of AI-generated images and sex bots as alternatives for individuals with harmful urges. Then the Two Purple Rabbits touch on the debate surrounding punishment and exile for offenders plus the importance of upbringing and the role of role models in shaping individuals' values are also examined. What might be the solution? Care, attention, and love to break the cycle of abuse and create a society that looks out for one another? This Patreon special episode is a bonus for your loyalty as a listener, fan, sympathizer, decent human being. Join us for more on Patreon: where you can bring in your own ideas!
  • 53. Shoveling Air In Space

    Neoborn welcomes Andia back from her journey of setting up a sideline business creating holographic lighting wooden desktop logos with a laser cannon or so.She share the challenges of finding customers and gigs as an artist, too, just before they move on to Ricky Gervais, and the impact of their rather differing personal experiences on comedy. NC still believes in authenticity in art. Getting to one way ticket to the non-existent Uyghur camps in China? Neoborn Caveman attempts this impossible reality with something children and adults in the West equally can enjoy. They also talk about the challenges of being a public figure and the role of TikTok in artist discovery, with insights on the influence of background and support on success, the impact of gatekeepers on artists, the importance of intellectual property. And as practicing freedom-fighters in space (at least in the ether) they share about the dangers of inventing and speaking out, the control of food and agriculture, the problem with legal battles, the importance of learning from history, the overwhelming amount of information, trusting gut feelings and intuition, the need to transition to renewable energy, the impact of petrochemicals on the environment, the problem with consumerism. Luckily (some might though doubt it) the Battle of Jokes segment is back with some cultural takes and music live reviews of Like A Fool by Project Rod Williams and Hello by Big Bus Dream.All the extras, fun and chances to support the show are on our Patreon: Here are a few takeaways as appetizer:Setting up a sideline business can provide financial stability and creative fulfillment.Finding customers and gigs can be challenging, but local connections and personal outreach can be effective.Authenticity is important in comedy and art, and personal experiences can shape comedic material.Dealing with China can present ethical challenges due to government control and lack of royalties on platforms like TikTok.The role of TikTok in artist discovery can be both beneficial and limiting. Background and support play a significant role in an individual's success.Gatekeepers in the art industry can limit opportunities for talented individuals.Intellectual property is important for artists and creators.Speaking out and inventing can come with risks and consequences.The control of food and agriculture has far-reaching implications.Legal battles can be challenging and draining for individuals.Learning from history is crucial to avoid repeating mistakes.The abundance of information can be overwhelming and confusing.Trusting gut feelings and intuition can lead to better decision-making.Transitioning to renewable energy is necessary for a sustainable future.The use of petrochemicals has negative environmental impacts.Consumerism and materialism contribute to societal problems.Humor and jokes can bring joy and laughter to life.Unrequited love can be painful and difficult to navigate.Music has the power to connect and resonate with individuals.Reflections on love and mistakes can lead to personal growth.Human connection is essential for a fulfilling life.Non-conformist artists bring unique perspectives and creativity to the world.Free speech marinated in comedy.Supporting Purple Rabbits!........................
  • 52. Love Prevails In Us

    Your go-to Purple Rabbit, Neoborn Caveman, opens his tea-house conversation first with how artificial light at night can mess up our sleep and health, and how the line between the virtual and real worlds is getting blurry. There is a strong opinion about the downsides of owning nothing, too.Then NC highlights the importance of building strong communities and small circles to fight against the negative effects of modern trends. He also discusses how overprotective parenting and having fewer children later in life can lead to societal challenges and hinder the development of resilience and independence in children. After all, parents need to take responsibility for their children’s well-being, set boundaries, and be present in their lives.Neoborn also suggests disconnecting from phones and technology before bed to improve sleep quality and reduce distractions - he's been doing that for years and still alive!In an important segment NC brings up the tragic case of Bronson Bathersby to highlight the need for better support systems and vigilance in protecting vulnerable individuals. We need to look after each other and be aware of our surroundings to prevent harm and create a more connected society.As usual, Neoborn Caveman shares his appreciation for emotional music and ends the conversation on a lighter note with humor. Yes, the Battle of Jokes.This episode also features an Irish folklore segment by pMad and live reviews of the songs of Bonnie and the Jets and pMad.Free speech marinated in comedy.Supporting Purple Rabbits! ............................
  • 51. Music And Sex

    Neoborn Caveman and Andia explore the challenges and issues in the music industry, particularly in relation to streaming and royalties. They highlight the manipulation of streaming numbers and the control exerted by major labels then delve into the impact of streaming on independent artists and the difficulties they face in breaking through. The Twp Purple Rabbits go on with the sociopolitical aspects of the music industry and the overwhelming amount of content available and the real value of physical copies that might be the the needed bridge for a genuine connection between artists and listeners. Neoborn and Andia brave themselves deep into music, art, relationships, and sexuality. As they explore the challenges of placing original music in film and TV, the struggles and sacrifices of being an artist, and the importance of persistence and self-belief, they also discuss the impact of royalty-free and AI-generated music, the long road to recognition and success, and the power of artistic expression and resilience. In the second half NC and Andia do not hold back and go into the evolution of sexual desires and experiences, the loss of magic and intimacy in modern relationships, and the negative effects of excessive screen time. You know, real-life connections, open conversations about sexuality, and the benefits of meeting new people and going outside comfort zones are quite important.We also appreciate the music band Bankrupt and their Idiot Tax. On our Patreon page you can find extra fun and untamed episodes with some exclusive bites. And you can also support the show: Here are a few key pointers for you from this episode:The music industry is plagued by issues such as the manipulation of streaming numbers and the control exerted by major labels.Independent artists face challenges in terms of royalties and breaking through in a saturated market.Streaming platforms offer convenience but can lead to an overwhelming amount of content and a lack of genuine connection.Physical copies of music provide a nostalgic and tangible experience that is valued by some listeners.Building a connection between artists and listeners is crucial for a meaningful and sustainable music industry.Sex is not a throwaway thing but something to hold on with an actual human being - other than yourself.We need open conversations about sexuality.Braving up is a must to have meaningful relationships - and they are all better and more meaningful than any screen time.There's been an ongoing challenge in this modern world to find real love.Going out of the comfort zones might lead to real-life experiences and connections.Free speech marinated in comedy.Supporting Purple Rabbits!......................
  • 50. Touch The Happiness Meter Again

    Once again, Neoborn Caveman and Andia have a high-octane episode in which they talk about misheard quotes and sayings, the nature of language and perception, chasing happiness, quantum computing, film reviews, and cultural differences. The Two Purple Rabbits discuss the importance of connection and being anti-fragile, as well as the role of parental figures and role models. They also touch on social issues such as political engagement and simplification in films. You know, thinking critically and embracing diversity are great traits! Neoborn and Andia go on with various societal issues and the factors contributing to crime and violence. They explore the impact of sociopathy and antisocial behavior, highlighting the need for understanding and addressing these issues. Then, their open tea-house conversation delves into the role of schools in preventing crime and the importance of taking responsibility in society. You know, there is a difference between indoctrination and education! Open discussions and well-informed opinions are always better than any propaganda... oh yeah, their Battle of Jokes is back!We also appreciate some good music, like Sisters by pMad.Have you checked out our Patreon page? It's full of rarities and coolness: Here are a few takeaways from this episode:Misheard quotes and sayings are common and can lead to humorous misunderstandings.Language and perception are closely linked, and different languages can shape our understanding of the world.Chasing happiness may not lead to true fulfillment; instead, doing difficult things and facing challenges can bring greater satisfaction.Cultural differences and diversity should be embraced and celebrated.Simplification in films and storytelling can sometimes detract from the depth and complexity of the original concept.Free speech marinated in comedy.Supporting Purple Rabbits!............................