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Become Famous

Take A Stand In What You Believe And Keep Going

Season 3, Ep. 5

Discovering what we are good at might be hard, but once we find that out, it is harder not to do anything with it. 

In this episode, a re-release from my previous show, Moving Beyond Your Tribe, we revisit my conversation with Patti Pao, Founder and CEO of Restoresea LLC. Patti has over 30 years of experience in the beauty industry and the mind behind creating over 400 products. After many years of thinking of herself as a terrible marketer, Patti discovered she was a pretty good one; she only needed to find her route to market.

Throughout this episode, we delve into how Patti created the first clinically-tested, naturally-derived anti-aging skincare line, thanks to her talent and innate curiosity. We also talk about her relationship with marketing and sales, her positive attitude, and her open-mindedness towards life and business opportunities.  

In addition, we learn about the questions every entrepreneur should ask themselves to ensure their business' success, how to be a wartime leader, and so much more. 

Tune into episode 4 of Become Famous For What You Do and learn more about connecting with your unique talent and getting the best out of it. 

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • About Patti's impressive career in the beauty industry (3:43)
  • We think we know something until we ask ourselves the right questions about it (10:47)
  • I found my route to market! Now what? (17:10)
  • The fantastic story of how Patti discovered the enzyme that helped create Restorsea (20:27)
  • Be open-minded, never say no to anything (35:45)

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  • 6. Unlocking Data-Driven Personalization with Zontee Hou: Insights for Marketers

    🎙️ Welcome back to another exciting episode of "Become Famous." In this episode, host Torund Bryhn is joined by special guest Zontee Hou, a renowned author and marketing expert who has recently released a groundbreaking book on data-driven personalization.Listeners are in for a treat as Zontee shares her expertise on harnessing data to create seamless and relevant customer experiences. She emphasizes the importance of marketers sitting at the data table and explores the nuances between metrics-driven and data and insights-driven. She illustrates the power of personalized data in anticipating customer needs through real-world examples from successful companies like FreshDirect, Nike, and Sephora.The discussion also explores how small businesses can effectively utilize data-driven strategies. Zontee underscores the significance of ethical data collection, balancing personalization with privacy, and the transformative potential of AI in marketing.This episode is packed with valuable insights for business owners, marketing professionals, and anyone interested in the evolving landscape of data-driven customer experience. So, gear up for this episode and discover the future of personalized marketing!Key Moments : 04:18 Differentiating metrics-driven from data-driven marketing for relevance.09:34 Book addresses GDPR, ethical considerations for data use.11:16 Nike uses data to personalize customer experience.16:37 Create targeted resources, reach the right customers effectively.19:08 Focus on audience, ROI, and customer value.21:19 Integrated approach benefits sales with better leads.24:26 AI enables quick customer analysis, driving satisfaction.34:12 Test messaging with 3 personas for refinement.35:03 Human expertise is important, with balance in privacy. About the Zontee Hou : Zontee Hou is the author of the new book, Data-Driven Personalization: How to Use Consumer Insights to Generate Customer Loyalty. She's also the managing director of the consultancy, Convince & Convert, and founder of Media Volery—a boutique digital marketing agency. Zontee is a sought-after business speaker and one of TopRank's top B2B marketers and top content marketers. She has also taught at Columbia University and the City College of New York.Links to connect Zontee: to connect Torund : Facebook: to buy her book:
  • 5. Strategies for Consistent and High-Quality Social Media Content with Stefan Martiz

    In Episode 5 of "Become Famous," host Torund Bryhn sits down with data junkie and personal branding expert Stefan Martiz to discuss the intricacies of creating consistent and high-quality social media content. Stefan shares insights into timing social media posts for maximum engagement, the balance between quality and quantity, and the critical importance of creating meaningful content.Drawing parallels between personal branding and musicianship, Stefan underscores the need for long-term commitment and strategic planning in building a personal brand. He candidly discusses his experiences with viral posts and how a basic post about branding unexpectedly garnered over a million impressions, leading to significant opportunities and client inquiries.The conversation gets into the evolving marketing landscape, particularly in Europe, and the essential roles of authenticity and personal connection in modern branding. Stefan and Torund explore the challenges and rewards of engaging employees as brand ambassadors, incentivizing original content creation, and the potential pitfalls of AI-generated content.Tune in to discover effective strategies for elevating your social media presence and personal brand with Stefan Martiz's expert guidance.Key Moments: 00:10 Building personal brand key for marketing professionals.05:15 Self-promotion is crucial in competitive fields for success.10:08 Embrace performing the transition to creating original content.12:52 Overcoming fear to embrace new opportunities.16:15 Quality over quantity, add value to content.20:31 Sharing valuable content leads to more opportunities.22:10 Personal brand, communication, content marketing, crisis management.25:33 Hiring a writer can boost professional success.31:20 Leverage top management for community branding distribution.34:39 Leverage employee personal brand without conflict.38:27 Incentivizing employee brand advocacy for effective marketing.39:57 Creating authentic content, gaining control, and impact.42:59 Shift to people-focused sales, limitation in retargeting.About the guest : Stefan Martiz's journey turned pivotal when he realized that a life steeped in court cases was not for him. Prompted by a career adviser's suggestion, he delved into the world of marketing and immediately fell in love with its psychological aspects. Fascinated by why people become obsessed with brands and why they choose to buy certain products, Stefan dedicated himself to mastering this field. He has since become a firm advocate of the "brand first, content second" philosophy, believing that creating a famous brand naturally attracts a loyal community of customers. Stefan's passion and expertise have defined his career in marketing, making him a specialist in brand psychology and community building.How to connect Stefan: to connect Torund : Facebook: to buy her book:
  • 4. Harness the Power of Color for Your Personal Brand with Ozlem Ahiska-Weber

    Welcome to Episode 4 of "Become Famous"! In this episode, our host Torund Bryhn is joined by the insightful Ozlem Ahiska-Weber, author of "Authenticity to Agility." Ozlem, with her diverse background as a spiritual healer, image consultant, and business psychologist, dives deep into the transformative power of colors on our well-being, communication, and energy levels.Together, they explore how understanding and utilizing colors can help women thrive in male-dominated industries, foster personal growth, and live authentically. From discussing the adaptability of our personality traits to the impact of corporate attire norms, Torund and Ozlem share personal experiences and practical tips.Ozlem's wisdom extends to understanding the nuances of style, personal branding, and even the integration of vibrant cultural elements into professional wardrobes. Get ready to be inspired by Ozlem's journey and insights, and discover how colors can change your life too.Don't forget to check out her book "Authenticity to Agility" for more in-depth exploration. Tune in for a colorful and enlightening conversation!Key Moments: 04:26 How often should you take a personality test?06:56 Appreciating change, evolving personally, embracing new perspectives.10:43 Exploring 3 personalities, strengths, and self-awareness.16:12 COVID allowed personal growth and new opportunities.17:25 Book brought clarity, inspired change through colors.21:33 Embracing change, focused on writing and editing.23:41 Evolving from caterpillar, seeking knowledge, feeling confident.28:49 Choose colors that match your own tones.32:02 Importance of image and look in branding.34:52 Practice authenticity, image and personal branding importance.38:15 Individuals have different body shapes and proportions.42:10 Corporate dress code varies based on industry.45:27 COVID changed fashion to more relaxed attire.46:22 COVID shifted us from casual to aware.51:02 Expressing gratitude for lessons and origins discussed.53:08 Fantastic primer on the power of color.About the guest : Ozlem Ahiska-Weber is a seasoned spiritual healer who has long recognized the profound impact of colors on well-being. Her deep understanding of auras and the healing properties of colors led her to explore this connection further. Seeking to help others harness the power of colors in their daily lives, Ozlem studied image consultancy and became an image consultant. Now, she guides individuals on choosing the right colors to enhance their health, energy levels, communication, and perception by others, truly embodying the transformative power of color in both spiritual and practical realms.How to conact Ozlem : Website : www.ozlemahiskaweber.comInstagram : to connect Torund : Facebook: to buy her book:
  • 3. How to Navigate Online Business and Achieve Fame with Maggie Patterson

    In this episode, our host Torund Bryhn, and special guest Maggie Patterson explore the convergence of marketing and communications in the digital age. From sharing personal experiences of feeling recognized in their careers to discussing the pitfalls of celebrity entrepreneurship, they offer valuable insights on navigating the online business world with integrity and transparency. Join us as we uncover the secrets to success, the impact of AI on business practices, and the importance of prioritizing customer needs over financial gains. Let's dive deep into the complexities of fame, marketing tactics, and the ever-evolving landscape of online entrepreneurship.Key Moments: 05:33 Many problems are invented for profit. Ethical conflicts.07:05 Define celebrity entrepreneur and the negative effects.12:02 Lack of focus on user needs in industry.14:44 Promised money, unfulfilled commitment, feeling surprised.18:12 Program success often hides individual backgrounds.21:25 Inspired by behind-the-scenes influencers, especially Tony Robbins.25:25 Budget wisely and avoid unnecessary debt.28:09 Stand out with a unique perspective, understand audience.31:25 Challenged by client to explore TikTok.32:40 Align marketing tactics with your strengths wisely.37:45 AI impact on online business: Quality will drop.40:54 Observing ever-changing online business tactics is crucial.42:37 Skincare fanatic wants info accessible and redeeming.46:17 Unify marketing and PR for success.50:23 Small town fame from podcast and TV.About the guest : Maggie Patterson has spent over a decade in the online business world, witnessing significant shifts in industry conversations. By 2020, she observed a growing criticism of "bro marketers," those who sell courses, masterminds, and educational products through questionable and often scammy tactics. Recognizing that problematic marketing practices come in various forms, Maggie proposed broadening the definition, urging the community to look beyond the stereotypical "bro marketer." With her insightful approach, she advocates for recognizing and addressing a wider array of unethical marketing behaviors permeating the online business sphere.How to contact Maggie: to connect Torund : Facebook: to buy her book:
  • 2. Conscious Design: The Path to Sustainable and Impactful Branding with Ian Peterman

    In this episode, the incredible Ian Peterman, founder of the Conscious Design House and the Conscious Design Method, joins our host, Torund Bryhn. Together, they dive deep into the world of conscious design and its critical role in building long-lasting, impactful brands.Ian shares his vision for a more intentional approach to business and branding, emphasizing the significance of valuing the process and understanding the broad impact of our products. Through fascinating discussions, Ian and Torund explore the principles of the circular economy, the importance of extensive planning, and how newer mission-driven brands are paving the way for a sustainable future.Ian also introduces the exciting concept of the Conscious Design House, a modern-day Bauhaus that seeks to unite diverse talents to foster innovation and sustainability. Whether you're a designer, entrepreneur, or simply passionate about creating a positive impact, this episode offers valuable insights to help you navigate the path to fame while staying authentic in your industry. Tune in and get ready to embark on a journey towards a brighter, more conscious future!Key Moments : 05:43 "Einstein's quote changed my approach to planning."08:31 Advocates for circular economy and conscious design.10:16 Intuitively designed stand for oil and gas conference.14:29 Inclusive approach involves all stakeholders in planning.19:11 Good connection is crucial for effective communication.21:08 Creating connection, inclusion, and empowerment in leadership.25:10 Understand impact, identify control, set goals accordingly.29:32 Bauhaus influential in design and mass production.32:16 Shift towards circular economy and Bauhaus 2.0.35:22 Conscious design brings people together for impact.40:44 Create conscious design, connect online or in person.43:34 Certifying design and consulting agencies for impact.About the Guest : Ian Peterman's journey epitomizes the so-called "5-year overnight success" narrative. Often celebrated for his accomplishments, the true story lies in the intense work and meticulous planning that preceded his achievements. Focused and determined, Ian invested deeply in the foundational aspects of his projects, emphasizing the importance of planning, observation, and conscious design. His unwavering commitment to these principles underscored every success, making him a role model for thorough preparation and thoughtful execution in any endeavor.Connect Ian -
  • 1. The Birth Of Become Famous

    Join host Torund Bryhn on a riveting journey through the evolution of the "Become Famous" podcast, originally conceptualized amidst the isolation and digital transformation brought on by COVID-19 in the serene backdrop of Kanab. In this episode, Torund reflects on the podcast’s transformation from its humble beginnings, when the idea sparked to explore the depths of acronyms and challenge tribalistic thinking. Hear how an insightful quote from Socrates about fame being "the perfume of heroic deeds" revolutionized her views on fame, shifting the podcast's core message to focus on fame's various levels and nuances – from personal recognition to timeless legacy. Dive deep into the discussion on how fame shapes individual identities and societal structures. Technological innovations like cell phones and social media further impact this process, transforming everyday individuals into public figures. Torund invites listeners to reconsider the role of authenticity and personal branding in the digital age and navigate the pressures and complexities that come with public visibility. Whether you're an entrepreneur, an artist, or simply fascinated by the concept of fame, this episode provides comprehensive insights into making a meaningful impact and leaving a lasting legacy in an ever-changing world.Key Moments: 00:10 Support in difficulty, moving beyond tribal thinking.05:19 Desire for timeless legacy and public recognition.09:10 Investigating fame, discovering levels, returning to the source.10:29 Desire for fame, bring gifts to the world.16:32 Navigating power and criticism in public perception.19:09 Courage to create "Fame Revolution" title.22:48 Embrace your talents, and rise in the corporate world.23:32 Podcast features diverse perspectives and new professions.28:06 Understanding the revolution, rise, and authenticity.About Torund Bryhn : Torund Bryhn is the dynamic and knowledgeable host of the acclaimed "Become Famous" podcast, where she gets into the strategies and realities of achieving fame in various industries. As a female leader in media, she not only guides discussions on how to become recognized but also navigates through the complexities of cancel culture and maintaining authenticity in the public eye.Aside from her success as a podcaster, Torund is also the author of the insightful book Fame Revolution, further cementing her expertise on the subject of fame and public perception. Her entrepreneurial spirit shines through her role as the CEO of Diotima Strategies, a consulting firm she spearheaded to offer strategic advice on building personal and corporate brands.With a career spanning over four years in the podcasting field, Torund is now celebrating the fourth season of her show. She extends heartfelt gratitude to her veteran listeners, whose support has been vital from the beginning. Her journey continues to inspire and equip individuals aiming to leave a mark in their respective fields, always emphasizing the power and responsibility that comes with public visibility.How to connect Torund : Facebook: to buy her book:
  • 10. The Ripple Affect of Community

    Corporate and business have become so competitive, and we are so focused on improving and promoting ourselves that we don't notice we are turning into outlying islands. We get so caught up in the grind that we forget we can become countless times more powerful through community and collaboration.In this episode, I'm joined by Anita Anello, a Creative Problem Solver, Mentor, Strategic Coach, and Servant Leader to Corporate Women of Faith who loves to help women live with joy, make more money, and enjoy every second of the transition into their new lives. Throughout our conversation, Anita described her transition from executive positions in corporate America to a homeschooling mom and entrepreneur. We learn more about the tiny adjustments in life that can produce massive change, how to nurture a growth mindset, and why it is instrumental for successful women to rely on their community. Anita also talks about the #1 challenge most women face in their professional lives, how to create healthy boundaries, shared some content creation tips, and so much more.Tune into episode 9 of Become Famous For What You Do, and discover the formula to love your work and life equally. In This Episode, You Will Learn:A bit about Anita's journey from corporate to entrepreneurship (8:02)The importance of getting validation and agency from our life partners (11:27)How women's nature can play "against" them in business (24:19)The #1 challenge women face in their professional lives (29:12)What happens when we make tiny adjustments in our lives. The ripple affect (42:34)Resources mentioned:Book: Brian Switalski - MXLTIPLY: A Social Media Guide for Every Entrepreneur to Connect With a Multitude of People, Gain a Massive Following, and Mxltiply Your SalesConnect with AnitaThe Ripple Affect websiteLinkedInLet's Connect!LinkedInTwitterInstagram
  • 9. Manifest The Success You’re Destined To Have

    The easiest way to overcome any adverse situation is to remind yourself you're bigger and stronger than financial collapse, debt, romantic heartbreaks, illness, or having zero subscriptions to your latest online program. In this episode, I'm thrilled to welcome the fantastic Andrew Bailey. He is a High Performance and Rapid Manifestation Coach for women who desire to expand and grow by connecting with their authentic selves. We had a fantastic conversation about Andrew's journey to becoming a high-performance women's coach, his past as a dating and relationship coach, and the moment he discovered his passion for helping women connect with their true selves. Andrew kindly shared dozens of golden nuggets about self-confidence, manifestation, accountability, discipline, habits, the gamification of life, and so much more. Tune into episode 8 of Become Famous For What You Do, and learn more about how to reach success by tapping into your authenticity. In This Episode, You Will Learn:A bit about Andrew's background and how he became a dating coach (2:08)From Montana to Seattle, Andrew's boldest move of his life (9:53)Sometimes you need to jump into the cold water (14:36)You need to suck big time before you start winning (24:45)The importance of having a structure in place to succeed (28:44)Don't be dogmatic about how you implement modeling in your life (40:37)Resources mentioned:Book: Alex Hormozi - $100M Offers: How to Make Offers So Good People Feel Stupid Saying NoConnect with Andrew:FacebookInstagramLet's Connect!LinkedInTwitterInstagram
  • 8. Make Showing Appreciation A Habit

    Why do we sometimes forget to show appreciation? In most cases, a simple word or a candid gesture can make much more than express gratitude; it can make someone feel seen. In This episode, I'm joined by Neil Beam, a father of four, a husband, a GTM Strategist, a Program Architecture and Design expert, and the Co-founder of The Appreciation Company. Throughout this episode, Neil shares the story of how this passion project started, his and his wife's sense of service that made it possible, and the reactions he got at the beginning from the people receiving the appreciation notes. We talk about the importance of expressing gratitude and appreciation, why we sometimes don't take the time to show how grateful we are, and more. Tune into episode 6 of Become Famous For What You Do, and learn more about Neil's passion project, born to spread gratitude and appreciation. In This Episode, You Will Learn:A bit about The Appreciation Company's origin (2:19)Making people feel seen (5:44)About Neil's leap of faith (9:02)Why don't we take the time to be grateful? (18:51)What it feels like to get an appreciation note? (22:02)Resources:The Appreciation Company websiteBook: Bill Aulet - Disciplined Entrepreneurship: 24 Steps to a Successful StartupBook: The Mom Test: How to talk to customers & learn if your business is a good idea when everyone is lying to youConnect with Neil:LinkedInLet's Connect!LinkedInTwitterInstagram