Moms On The Grind Podcast


004: Networking Tips & Questions Answered + How To Network With The Opposite Sex Without Sending The Wrong Signal :)

Season 1, Ep. 4

I often get questions like: “How do you network with men without them taking it the wrong way” or “How do you find time to network when you have a kid”? In this episode, I dive into why I network and I answer the most common questions I get. I have built and grown my business through networking so I definitelyI believe in the importance of it. You do not, I repeat YOU DO NOT have to be in sales to network. It is a way to build relationships! Some of the topics include:

-How to find the time to network with you have kids?

-How to find networking events & budget for them

Finally, I answer this question: As a business woman and entrepreneur, how do you deal with working with men? How do you create boundaries without compromising yourself and missing an opportunity?

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