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008: LET'S TALK SINGLE PARENTHOOD! The Pros, The Cons, Suggestions & Solutions + Updat

Season 1, Ep. 8

Guys I am BACK and this week, I give you an update on my life as a whole and... I am discussing a topic I have been so nervous and excited to talk about: SINGLE PARENTHOOD!

Being a single mother used to be something that made me sad, embarrassed, depressed and more but with time and a lot of work, it is something I now embrace and am now comfortable discussing openly. I finally realized that there are pros and cons and that the "cons" all have potential solutions to them. Things I talk about in this episode:

-What I have been up to, how Eva is doing, relationship status, why I've been MIA

-5 Pros of being a single parent: You get time off, you become more organized and 3 more

-5 Cons of being a single parent and suggestions/solutions: Tough finances, Exhaustion and more.

-Wins of the week personally and parenting wise

-Growth opportunities for the week personally and parenting wise

Things I talk about in this episode:

-Apps: Mint and Instacart

-Affordable counseling and therapy through Open Path Collective

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