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014: Productivity coach Sandi Glandt on attracting what you want from a career to a tribe of supportive women, finding your niche, productivity hacks/tips, her upcoming book and more!

Season 2, Ep. 14

When one of my friends told me "You HAVE to meet Sandi! She would be great on your show!", I was fascinated and immediately went to follow Sandi on Instagram. It didn't take to look before I realized "Wow, she WOULD be great on the show!". Her energy alone was amazing and how she is able to help so many women with their productivity really resonated with me. Sandi Glandt is a productivity coach for women, an author and has a great podcast! We had captivating and useful conversations about:

-Her story, how she went from coaching in wellness/health to productivity for women;

-The importance of having amazing people around you and how to attract quality group of women;

-How a hurrigane was the trigger to her business;

-How to go from freaking out to getting it together;

-Finding your niche and being intentional about your focus;

-Her upcoming book and what it will be about;

-How to handle the things that "pop up" when you are trying to stay focused and be productive;

-Tips for women who want to structure their day

-And more!

Sandi Glandt

Sandi is a high-performance productivity coach for female entrepreneurs. She helps overwhelmed, stressed-out boss babes maximize their time, energy, and productivity to be present and intentional with the most important aspects of their lives. She helps women go from overwhelm and burnout to balance. 

Sandi helps her clients achieve maximum results with her online digital courses, as well as group and one-on-one coaching. Her clients rave about how Sandi helps them turn their stressed-out, busy lives into massive productivity and being able to “balance” their time to do it all. 

She is also the co-founder of Project: In Charge, an online platform for ambitious women who are looking to tap into coaching, tools, and training to step into the most powerful version of themselves, gain control, and become the leader of their life.

Sandi is happily married to husband Jarrod Glandt and together they have one son, Jacob, with another son on the way. Together they reside in sunny Hollywood, Florida, where they love to enjoy days at the beach, the water park, and just enjoying time together in their backyard. 

Find Sandi on Instagram

Her Facebook Group: Productivity Hacks For Ambitious Women

Sandi Glandt's website: Here you can get her free cheat sheet called "7 Productivity Hacks For Success"

Her newest coaching program starting this Monday

Her podcast Project In Charge


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