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Fighting for your Family Series: Teaching your family to do NOTHING

Ep. 15

Having a family of kids of different ages comes with its challenges. In the beginning, it feels like they’ll always be that small and need you to change their diapers. Then, before you know it, your little ones aren't so little anymore.

As my kids are getting older, my husband and I are focused on building a space of encouragement, power, and support within our family. But, as our kids get older the way this looks changes. As our family changes, our dynamic has to change a little bit too.

We’ve found that making time for our family--just us-- has been a way to, not only build our relationship with our kids, but also their relationships with each other.

So, don’t miss Episode 15 of Life Sunny Side Up, to listen to ways to create time and space for your family to do nothing, but enjoy each other’s company.

In this episode, I talk about:

  • How my boys play with each other vs my girls (4:43)
  • We started spending family time after dinner outside, we call it Putzing (6:22)
  • We have to be strict about our family time (9:15)

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Sarah Turner from Memories on Cloverlane shares her wisdom as a mother to 6, breast cancer survivor, and lover of simplicity.

Ep. 20
What would you do if you found out that you might not be around your children as they grow up? Would you consider changing anything in your parenting style?Every mom’s biggest fear is leaving their children, and whenever we’re put in front of a challenge, usually our first thought is, “Why me?” We don’t get to pick our trials in life, but what we can do is transform from them and adapt to the changes.In today’s episode, Sarah and I talk about motherhood and how to deal with all the trials that are thrown at us, about technology and how that makes parenting even more difficult than it was when we were growing up.Sarah Turner is the woman behind the blog Memories on Clover Lane. She is a wife and a mother of six children and she had her first baby at 24 and her last at 43. Sarah says that her calling is motherhood and that she’s always felt like it was the greatest gift that she’s ever been given. She started her blog, Memories on Clover Lane as just a scrapbook for her family and it’s evolved into a place where she can write her thoughts on mothering and growing through the vocation. Sarah is also one year out of triple-negative breast cancer and she would be considered a survivor, but she says she just considers herself lucky as heck.So, listen to Episode 20 of Life Sunny Side Up, to hear a super inspiring conversation about the benefits of pacing yourself and seeing the beauty of what you have in life already.Questions I ask:As far as a career, I know you’re doing a new adventure. How do you feel about this new adventure? (10:55)How do you work out the schedule? (13:25)How do you handle social media with your kids? (23:50)How did cancer change you as a mom? (30:07)In this episode, you will learn:About Sarah’s background story. (03:10)How being content with what we have, as our parents were, back in the days, could give us some peace of mind in a constantly changing world. (17:26)How social media and technology influence kids to grow up with anxiety and higher expectations. (21:56)Sarah’s message for mothers all around the world. (36:10)Connect with Sarah:WebsiteInstagramFacebook PageFacebook ProfileEmail:

Divorce, abandonment, loosing it all, and rising from the ashes. An inspiring story with Amanda Didia

Ep. 19
Is there a recipe to overcome the difficult times?No two stories are alike, and we all go through turning points in our lives, that define who we become. Amanda believes one of the most important ingredients that everyone needs is faith. It’s having faith in God and in things we can’t see, and faith that our story doesn’t end in the rough times.In today’s episode, my friend, Amanda, and I are having a chat about divorce, blended families, and coming back from the ashes.Amanda Didia has experienced abandonment, betrayal, mutual affairs, losing it all, to coming back to where she is today, happily married to her husband, John. They share four beautiful children together, that make up their blended family. She and her husband are also full-time caregivers of his quadriplegic brother. She says that it’s not an easy task, but God’s grace has taught her to become humble and patient, and it has made her family strong, despite all the odds.She is such an overcomer, and she’s been through a lot!So, listen to Episode 19 of Life Sunny Side Up, to find out the story of a beautiful, powerful and amazing woman, who never gave up hope that her life is going have a happier ending.Questions I ask:You got married at 18. How did that marriage go down? (07:49)You meet your second husband and he has a daughter who is a toddler that you become a step-parent to. Tell us about that. How did that happen? (11:49)How did your relationship to God grow or change or how was it affected? (15:11)How do you handle the pressure of the blended family and of being a caregiver? (24:43)What would your message be, Amanda, to someone that is really struggling and they are feeling like a victim and not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel? (29:29)In this episode, you will learn:Amanda’s background story. (03:12)The story of Amanda’s first miscarriage. (09:24)Why it was hard for Amanda to take the decision of getting divorced again, after her second husband cheated on her. (13:46)The story of how John entered her life and what was it like for her to trust another man. (21:01)Amanda’s advice for successfully blending a family together. (34:44)Connect with Amanda:Facebook

A Mother’s Heart : Dorothy Dersch, mom of 9. Trial, Triumph, and lessons along the way. Part 2

Ep. 18
How do you react when your children make mistakes? And what are your parenting strategies and your end goal?I believe every mom has experienced her child crying in a grocery store or refusing to eat their food, and we all have our methods to deal with these situations, but do we always find the best solutions to these problems?In the previous episode, Dorothy shared with us her story of how she became a mom to all her wonderful children, and in today’s episode, we discuss some of the methods that have proven efficient in raising independent, respectful and self-empowering children.Dorothy Dersch is a mom of eight that has had more face to face time with intentional parenting than many people. She says that if you count each child as a unique relationship, she has accumulated a total of 196 parenting years. Her eight children have five different fathers, yet, she’s been married to her first and only husband for 34 years. Dorothy worked as a Registered Nurse for a decade before staying at home and managing their crew.Questions I ask:Are there some things that you guys have done as a family to really cultivate the relationship that your kids have with each other? (01:58)Has there been a struggle for you to sit back and let your children make mistakes? (11:05)What are some questions that you ask your teenagers when you know they’ve made a bad choice? (17:03)If there is one message that you would like to share with mothers, what would it be? (23:02)In this episode, you will learn:What Dorothy did to get her kids to eat their food, and the meaning of a “Thank You” portion. (03:28)How Dorothy found a way to keep her calm, whenever her kids started crying or disagreeing with her. (07:06)Dorothy’s end goal, when she decides how to raise her children. (07:53)Dorothy’s advice on when to give your kid access to a phone or other devices. (19:07) Join our community:Facebook Group