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I Need A Man To Sell My Home

Britton, I Need A Man To Sell My House. Or, sexism in real estate. 

How would you respond to the following comment: “It’s too complicated, I need a man to handle it.” Is sexism in real estate okay? Is it okay if an older person says it? Do generational differences excuse sexism in real estate? Would you give it a pass if it was coming from another man? How about a woman? Should we be giving comments like this a pass at all, and if not, what can we say in the actual moment when it occurs? San Francisco has a reputation as a very free-thinking, egalitarian city, but the above example is an experience many women in the real estate industry – and we’ll wager women in general – deal with on a day to day basis. If you want to be sure of how to sell your home and where to buy your next one, then check out this DWH conducted survey.

#MeToo spread virally to share awareness about sexual assault. Numerous women have been encouraged to come forward with their experiences in the hopes of showing how common this problem really is.  This week on Escrow Out Loud, our San Francisco Real Estate podcast we do our part to spread awareness as we talk about sexism.

In today’s podcast, we are clearly not discussing assault, rather, we are sharing some ‘mere annoyances’ in the form of sexism. These ‘annoyances’ are a form of harassment that we shouldn’t just simply wave away. Undeniably, just because a person is misogynistic it does not mean they will ever graduate to committing major assault, but by dismissing the female gender in a myriad of little ways are we chipping away at the foundations of equality and paving the way for major violations to be tolerated as well?

Listen in as Matt and Britton share some of their personal experiences about sexism they've personally experienced and how hurt and bewildered it left them feeling.

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