San Francisco Real Estate: Escrow Out Loud


A Mighty Solution For A Major Housing Crisis

Season 5, Ep. 112

In this episode we are joined by the Director of Sales at Mighty Buildings, Natalia! Mighty Buildings makes an amazing pre-fab home product that has already been installed and is in use in the bay area, across California, and elsewhere. Pre-fab homes have a ho-hum reputation in the industry, but 3D printing and other technological advances have changed the game in mighty ways. In our conversation with Natalia, we talk about a lot of topics, including all of the following:

  • What is Mighty Buildings? 
  • How is it different from past and other pre-fab?
  • How Much Land Do You Need? 
  • Can it be Painted?
  • Where Have Mighty Buildings Already Been Installed?
  • What’s the Lifespan? 
  • How about Maintenance and Warranty? 
  • What’s the Roof?
  • How Does the American market for pre-fab compare to the global market? 
  • How can Mighty Buildings help solve the California Housing Crisis? 
  • And, of course, How can You Learn More About a Mighty Home? 

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