Hack The Future


Dr. Steven MacGregor

Season 1, Ep. 12

As another turbulent year starts, what better time for business leaders to step back from the noise and create some ‘white space’ to reflect on their wellbeing and what it might mean for leadership, resilience and future success. Wellbeing is a journey. We might not find the right path the first time. In fact, it’s something that is always changing, evolving as we adapt to the way our life journey throws us surprises, setbacks and fortune, pleasure and pain. Today, I’m delighted to meet Dr. Steven P. MacGregor who is the author of a must-read new book The Daily Reset: 366 Nudges To Move Your Life Forward. Dr. Macgregor shows us that to embrace a better future leaders can integrate wellbeing into their daily lives through the power of simple nudges and daily resets.. And if you don’t get it right today, simply reset. And go again tomorrow.

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