Hack The Future


Ruchika Tulshyan

Season 1, Ep. 19

Most of us believe inclusion is both the right thing to do and good for business. Then why are we so lousy at it? What steps will you take as a new year unfold to scale inclusion on purpose? Ruchika Tulshyan is the best-selling author of Inclusion on Purpose: An Intersectional Approach to Creating a Culture of Belonging at Work which has been described as ’transformative’ by Dr Brené Brown. I met with Ruchika for a research-backed conversation at Hack Future Lab to learn more about her must-read new book. She explains why “leaning in” doesn't work—and dismantling structural bias does; warns against hiring for “culture fit,” arguing for “culture add” instead; and emphasizes the power of reading fiction books to build empathy. She says: “We’ll see more leaders being held accountable to diversity, equity and inclusion outcomes, with progress affecting bonuses and advancement opportunities for leaders. And new hires will evaluate work opportunities based on whether a company culture is inclusive or not.” Without inclusion, great ideas are lost, cultures decay and talent is wasted. My #1 takeaway is that leadership is inclusion. With this actionable book, Ruchika shows us how we can make progress toward inclusion and diversity - and why we must start now. 

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