Hack The Future


Alex Amouyel

Season 1, Ep. 15

When it comes to social impact and social entrepreneurship should you Agitate, Innovate or Orchestrate? People from all walks of life yearn to do something that adds value to others and to be someone who makes a difference in their community and the world. As the founding Executive Director of Solve, an initiative at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Alex Amouyel has built and oversees a fast-growing team whose mission is to drive innovation to solve our our most urgent challenges. I sat down with Alex to learn more about her and her game-changing new book The Answer Is You: A Guidebook to Creating a Life Full of Impact (Leadership Book, Change the Way You Think) The Answer is You inspires every person to BE the change and become part of Generation Solve: a new generation of bold thinkers and courageous doers.

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