Hack The Future


Lynda Gratton

Season 1, Ep. 16

How do we make the most of the greatest global shift in the world of work for a century and radically redesign the way we work—forever? Professor Lynda Gratton is one of the foremost global thought-leaders on the future of work, named by ‘Business Thinkers 50’ as one of the top fifteen business thinkers and described as a ‘rock star’ author, teacher and writer. I met with Lynda to discuss what’s new and trending in the future of work from quiet quitting and burnout to jobs to care and friendships in her must-read new book Redesigning Work: How to Transform Your Organisation and Make Hybrid Work for Everyone What I learned is that we should not waste one of the biggest reframing moments of our lifetime because today’s work challenges can’t be solved with yesterday’s thinking. 

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