Formula Indie


Formula Indie 25-11-2019

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Traindeville – Il Cavaliere delle Nuvole

Manuel Aspidi – Let Out This Light

Ronnue fet Roc Phizzle – Be Your Freak

The Vow – Julia

Sherman De Vries – Pretty Cry

Monsieur Job - Bailalo’ Brincao

Jørg - Good bye good old World

EL V and The Gardenhouse - World is on fire

Jaleel Young – Personal Issues

Allocai – Cloud 9

Sekou Andrews & The String Theory – Good Vibes

Szandra Mayer – Summertime is Here

The Respectables – The Power of Rock n Roll

AVA – Ava

Damoyee Janai – Independent

Marco Da Rold's Ghost Train - Right For you

Donna Zed – Surrounding Me

Traindeville – Il Cavaliere delle Nuvole

Michele Pettinato – Per continuare a volare

Mia Kylia Ditta –Try

Vinz Milani – Baby

Picture of Troy J - Sounds From Underground

Allocai – Be My Main

Vinylika – Anice

Alex Silipo – Non preoccuparti amore

Ground Control – Kaputt Mundi

Lino Cericola - Noi insieme a voi

Donatello Ciullo – E se domani

Giampix – Perplesso

Riku Turpeinen – Telling you my love

The Sphinx – Attacco di panico

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