Formula Indie


FORMULA INDIE 06.02.2020

Christopher the Grey – Butterflies

Lucien Fuego - Mondo Virtuale

Harry Stafford - She Just Blew Me Away

Tiny Fighter - Strangest Thing

Jonny Polonsky - The Weeping Souls

Dispel - Modal Consequence

Overclank - Me and you

Tombstones In Their Eyes - Maybe Someday 

Rational Youth - Saturdays in Silesia 

Frankie Prada – God Bless The Trap

Andy Michaels – Darling it hurts

Mayflower Madame - Vultures

Broads and Milly Hirst – Happisburgh

JASH - Us Together

Ronnue fet Roc Phizzle – Be Your Freak

Beauty in Chaos with Wayne Hussey - The Delicate Balance of All Things

Valerio Andreola - Parlami di te

Man City Sirens - Joanna

Tiny World – Walk on water

Darrell Kelley – Because of you

Acquablag – The Mighty Cozzi’s

Terrorist of Romance – Always choose wrong

Steve Markoff and Patricia Lazzara – Hallelujah

Bozoo – Bird

DevilsOfMusic - Turn Up

Maghi di Ozzy – Ego


Franco Nocchi – Anche se non so volare

J. Maurice – Favors

Gino McKoy feat. Diamond – Sensy Girl 

Valentina Gautier – Corri che corre il tempo

Osea Codega – Icy Eyes

Tali Leda – Standstill


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